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Our Values and Purpose

Our Core Values:


  • Uncompromising commitment to Excellence
  • Relentless pursuit of accurate Information on Mexico and the Lake Chapala area.
  • Rock Solid Integrity
  • CANI – constant and never-ending improvement 
  • Encourage a healthy environment and participate wherever possible
  • Make a difference in the lives of local residents
  • Be environmentally responsible and encourage others to do so


We believe in constant challenge and continual growth.  We continuously seek improvement in our service, our programs and in ourselves.  We never stop critiquing our programs. The feedback from our customers and clients is of the utmost importance to us.


Our Core Purpose:


  • To participate in the life of the Lake Chapala community in meaningful ways.
  • We are committed to making a difference and support local charities.
    • Focus on Mexico contributes to local orphanages and Ninos Incapacitadies, the Red Cross and more.
  • Through our network of Focus on Mexico clients, tremendous deeds of good works continue and expand. Focus has brought some very kind and wonderful people to Lake Chapala, who abundantly contribute to the local community in very meaningful ways. We are very proud to help facilitate this generosity. Here are some samples:
    • For instance, during a Focus seminar, we advised our participants to bring their old computers to Mexico and donate them to the Lake Chapala Society, since they offer free computer lessons to Mexican nationals and are limited by the number of computers. One of our clients then donated 4 brand new computers to the Lake Chapala Society (and then more later), while he was here on the program.
    • Another Focus participant, when hearing a talk about the local boys orphanage, decided to get involved through his Rotary association back in Vancouver Canada. Those efforts resulted in $42,000 dollars being raised to purchase a new van for the orphanage to transport the boys, as well as building a workshop and furnishing it with high powered tools. Later an additional $10,000 dollars was donated to purchase smaller tools to complete the workshop.
    • Another Focus participant donated money to start a Turkey farm as part of an initiative to give the turkeys away in pairs to generate small business opportunities.
    • An SOS sent out to Focus Alumni resulted in many cash contributions to ACA, a local non-profit association, in their time of need.
  • To research and compile the most comprehensive, accurate and interesting information on Mexico and in particular, the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. To present the most complete and representative understanding of what it is like to live in Mexico – Lake Chapala area. But more important,we help you see the heart of Mexico, her culture and people so you can embrace a wonderful new life here on the Lakeside.
  • To educate and inspire our visitors about Mexico.
  • To offer first class service in our Focus on Mexico programs – your finest opportunity to experience (test drive) Mexico.
  • You have our word on it!


Focus on Mexico

Ray Bullock, President


Marie Dwyer-Bullock, Co-Founder

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Focus Program THE BEST
Patricia Thompson

Patricia Thompson

After attending Focus on Mexico program I was sold on moving to Lake Chapala. I had all my questions answered and I learned things about the area that would take years to find out. For anyone who is thinking about retiring to Lake Chapala, the Focus Program is a MUST!

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Crash Course On Mexico


On your Journey of Discovery to retire in this land of enchantment, we cover topics that will be important to you…immigration, health options available in Mexico, legal and financial topics, and information that will guide you through the decision-making process of buying or renting a house, options for moving, bringing your pets, and a myriad of other details that we have collected during Focus on Mexico’s 15 years of experience guiding our participants through the Lake Chapala area.