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  •  Client Stories Driving to Mexico 

    Read about Alumni's Journeys while Driving in Mexico and visits around the Lake Chapala area. To see the article on a journey, click on the title of the article.

  • A Pleasant Journey Canada To Mexico
    Paul and Herma BuchananPaul & Herma Buchanan came on Focus Program in Mach 2008. We’re delighted he’s written an article for our newsletter and only hope this is one of many! He lets you know why and how he came to live in Mexico and gives some good road tips for driving through Mexico. We’ve also added some additional road tips at the end of his article. Enjoy!
    An Alternative Moving Experience
    Al and Jane CastlemanWe attended the FOM program in May 2012.  Because we had plans to move to Mexico within the next few months, we looked for an unfurnished house to rent while we were here—and found one. Special thanks to Dee Grant of Focus on Mexico for her help, support, and friendship all through this process!  That helped me decide what things we would bring with us, and which we’d sell.  But what would it cost to bring everything I wanted?   I was almost afraid to find out.  I didn’t want to leave behind the beautiful things I had acquired just because I couldn’t sit in them, sleep on them, or wear them.
    Donna and Maureen travel to Ajijic
    Donna Burroughs and Maureen PetersonYesterday was quite the adventure.  We didn’t know when to expect the packers/movers, so Maureen called Theresa, our Mexico moving connection.  It turns out the California end of the the process – the ones who were packing our stuff and loading it onto the truck -  had us down for  the 3rd – that’s today! As a result of Theresa’s yeoman efforts, we got a crew yesterday – between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m.  They packed until 10:30 and then we had to do several things.  After four hours of sleep the night before, we gave out about midnight.
    Jess and Barbara Move To Mexico

    Jess WaidHello folks. My nom de plume is Jess Waid. My hobby in retirement is novel writing. Currently, I am penning my fourth book, a police story. No, I am not a best seller, perhaps because I don’t have the gumption to go out and be a peddler. Did you know there are 22 million books being published each year? That’s a far cry from the 12,000 a decade ago. Of course, thanks to the Internet, most are Print-on-Demand self-published works that shouldn’t see the light of day. Then there is the Fifty Shades of Grey exception. Whatever. I mention this only because cheery Karen McConnaughey, apparently thinking I might be able to entertain you by describing my experience traveling from the southern coast of Oregon to Ajijic, had no idea what she was unleashing. Actually, I think she expects what I have to say to be informative, perhaps helpful to future travelers.

    Musings of a Lakeside Newbie
    Jutta Mc AdamSo we made the big move from a mid-sized Western Canadian city to Lake Chapala, Mexico. Things, of course, are different here. Ajijic is a village, albeit a large one with some nods toward North of the Border conveniences--such as a couple of paved parking lots. A huge Wal-Mart that will greet visitors to Lakeside who come to escape either the big-city atmosphere of Guadalajara or places north of the border will be a mixed blessing.
    Retired Expatriates in Lake Chapala
    Karen and BillAs Bill and I look back over our more than seven years of living in the Lake Chapala area, we know one thing without a doubt…moving here was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We made the decision based on the reason many of you do: We were tired of working, and wanted to enjoy whatever years were available to us. Bill was 62 when we retired to Lake Chapala, and I was almost 58. We didn’t know what to expect…neither of us had ever been to Mexico on a trip, let alone lived here! During our research we found that Lake Chapala had the best weather and the cost of living was way below what we were used to in the United States.