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Experience our Program Through the Words of Focus Alumni

Three FOM Programs2

Paul & Penny Bassett 
 "The area has many beautiful scenes and attractions - the climate, the spectacular vistas of mountains and lake, the flowering trees and shrubs, the fine restaurants, the friendly Mexico
people, the low cost of living, the apparently excellent health care, the well-designed and built homes."

Steve and Judy Payne from California - November 18th, 2006 Program

“Your program exceeded our expectations in every way, and more! You have an excellent service, worth much more than we paid. The overall program was exceptional. We received all the information we wanted to know, as well as excellent contacts for future services. The real estate exposure was very informative with a good cross section of prices. My wife, Judy, was somewhat skeptical about moving and retiring in Mexico. After our week with Focus on Mexico, she is “SOLD”. As soon as we can sell our home in California we are coming. Everyone connected with ‘Focus’ was extremely helpful. We especially like Ana who was always there to help us and answer our questions. She was a gem! Marie and Ray overflowed with valuable information and perspectives on Lake Chapala and Mexico. They have put together a valuable program to help bridge the gap of information needed to come to Mexico and settle permanently (or part time). The Mexican government should reward Focus on Mexico for their contribution in promoting living in Mexico. What a super week! You made our trip a great vacation… plus! Your Focus on Mexico program was outstanding and exceeded our every expectation.”“There is not enough space to say all the wonderful things about ‘Focus On Mexico’ – the information, the meals and entertainment, the patience and care that we enjoyed, the education we had on living in Mexico, all this and more was far beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend, that if you are thinking about retiring or part time living in Mexico–you SIMPLY MUST come on this trip with "Focus On Mexico."

Christine Oggier
 “As we gaze out our front window at our snow laden front lawn, our thoughts are easily persuaded to drift back to those wonderful days we spent on the "Focus On Mexico Program". We knew instantly upon landing at Guadalajara Airport that this was going to be a wonderful experience.”

Barbara Hinton

“There is not enough space to say all the wonderful things about ‘Focus On Mexico’ – the information, the meals and entertainment, the patience and care that we enjoyed, the education we had on living in Mexico, all this and more was far beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend, that if you are thinking about retiring or part time living in Mexico–you SIMPLY MUST come on this trip with "Focus On Mexico." They are beautiful people, sincere and so helpful. The whole program was a wonderful experience.”

Stan & Betty McArthur
 “We are extremely grateful for the information and experience gained from the ‘Focus On Mexico’ program. Had we come to this area on our own, it would have been impossible to have learned so much. The conferences, University at the bar sessions, realtor presentations, bus trips, etc provided us with an opportunity of a life-time, at an affordable cost. Should we decide to relocate to Mexico, we have already met wonderful people through ‘Focus On Mexico’ and we look forward to being part of the Alumni.”

Bernie Stolzman

“My wife and I researched many potential retirement sites prior to visiting Mexico’s Lake Chapala. Your program validated our pre-visit suspicions in an efficient, economical and enjoyable manner. Our decision has been made! We shall be joining you and the many expatriate North Americans who call Mexico home. See you in one year.” 

Donna & Grahame Birch, Brampton Ontario, currently live half time in Ajijic
“It was also our first bus ride with Manuel, our driver. He quickly became my amigo as we exchanged conversations in each other’s language. "The Lakeside area is indeed a piece of paradise with wonderful weather, friendly Mexicans and Ex-pats, and an inviting culture; the lake and mountain views are beautiful.” 

Rick & Veronica Slamon, New Westminster, BC

"We have been traveling to other parts of Mexico for several years and are aware of many of the pitfalls and problems encountered by Canadians and Americans. As well as learning much, we can personally attest to the accuracy and factualness of the information presented.”

Ron Graham & Andre Charlebois, Toronto, Ontario

The workbook is a real treasure chest of knowledge and included in the welcoming package is orientation information, a money exchange chart, maps, emergency contact information and sundry items. “A welcome letter from the Minister of Tourism elevated us to the status of honored guests.”

Later that day, a long time resident talked about Mexican culture at the Focus University @ the Bar. On other occasions residents told us about their healthcare experiences, safety and working in Mexico. I had lots of questions to ask, and the locals were quite frank with their answers. Thanks to Focus for such an inspiring concept.

“However I discovered a major drawback to the program. The Focus people seemed to take a serious delight in stuffing their visitors with an endless variety of foods as they proudly introduced us to the incredible number of excellent restaurants in the area.”

“Dining out was a different, enjoyable experience every day. The food was superb, 1st class all the way and it was presented to us with the love, warmth and compassion that one could only find from the wonderful Mexican people.”

Friday morning we were off on a walking tour to Ajijic. “The homes along the way through La Floresta were breathtaking. The colours first caught my attention. I love the contrast of dark and vivid yet so comfortable to the eye. ... I loved the decorated doorways and through wrought iron gates we saw magnificent gardens. The cobblestone streets took a little time to adjust to. We chatted with expatriates at the Lake Chapala Society, the centre of information for the foreign community. The Society has so many daily activities. The English video and book library seemed extensive. Next we visited the magnificent church near the village square, and bought mangos from a vendor nearby. We also discovered boutiques and art galleries, with Mexican specialties. The silver is exquisite. A bank and ATM machine were to be found on the square. And everywhere we went smiling faces wished us ‘Buenos Dias’.”

The next day “we shopped the colourful open-air market, several blocks filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, jewellery, dishes, pots and pans and Mexican handicrafts.”

Saturday “we learned how to pick out the best Tequilas and explored Chapala, just a few minutes down the carretera from Ajijic. Chapala is quite different from Ajijic with wide paved streets. A permanent flea market blankets the wharf down by the Lake.” In the afternoon we took a real estate tour of the different areas Lakeside and viewed homes in different price ranges.

Before the day ended “Manuel invited us to his birthday party a short trip over the mountain. We could have gone swimming but we’re glad we didn’t. The Mexican people are so friendly and inviting.”

It was “early morning Sunday as we boarded the bus to attend the Folkloric Ballet in Guadalajara. It was the highlight of our Focus program as exceptionally talented youthful Mexicans in stunning costumes, presented Mexican culture and history through song and dance. And the Degollado Theatre is breathtaking.”

Before lunch we took a group picture and walked Plaza Tapatia, seven blocks of old world architecture, sculpture, fountains and several museums. Some found time to attend mass in the stunning 16th Century Cathedral of Guadalajara. Afterwards we were treated to a visit to Tlaquepaque. After a delicious lunch with gracious service, there was time to sightsee and ... do a little shopping. An ATM machine gave me pesos right from my account in Canada. And what a delightful area ... a pedestrian mall through a 19th Century residential area with colonial haciendas.

Monday “we had the opportunity of seeing a variety of homes in beautiful small developments, in varying price ranges and without the high pressure sales pitch”. We looked at a wonderful gated community, an astonishing concept - streets tiered for magnificent views. And we saw a good cross-section of what real estate was available Lakeside. And best of all, Focus was true to its word, absolutely no pressure and no timeshares. Their advertisements and claims proved to be exactly on the mark.”

“… our congratulations on a job well done. The whole concept behind Focus on Mexico is nothing short of brilliant. You’re in the right place, at the right time, and certainly doing the right thing.”

Great Tour of Guadalajara

Gordon & Tina Jones (now living full-time in Ajijic)

“Surprisingly, we had no intention of buying ... but something happened, especially to me, during the latter part of the tour. I felt as though the Lakeside was where I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Gordon too, felt my enthusiasm and we actually signed the contract two hours before the airplane was due to leave for Calgary ... We would recommend the zero pressure, friendly, informative and well-organized tour to anyone. The itinerary was balanced carefully between cultural exposure and fun, as well as introducing aspects of living in the area.” “So what happened to us on our visit? The weather grew on us, the Mexican people grew on us, the culture, new friendships ... we can’t see a better place for working and retiring. Your team put 100% into this project...providing fun, warmth, friendship and caring for our needs.”

“Our goodbye dinner was so emotional. So many friendships, so much to remember. Thank you Focus on Mexico.”

“… we felt pampered, nurtured and guided in more ways than one … the close relationship that had sparked within the group was evident, as it was very hard to say goodbye. However, we didn’t say goodbye to the team but just, ‘see you soon’ as we had signed a contract to purchase a house lot in Los Ciruelos in Chula Vista.

Jim McMahon, Barrie Ontario

"Although I am younger than most of the Focus participants I am planning to relocate and do business in Mexico. Focus has put me light years ahead. The information I have learned is invaluable and time saving."

Pat & Dave Barker
“We are so thankful that we followed our instincts about the down to earth sincerity and integrity of our Focus tour guides! ... It quickly became very obvious that they passionately loved the country and wanted us to feel the same way, and yet they remained honest and candid enough to point out to us some things that might seem negative to our North American way of seeing things ... at no time were we subjected to any pressure to buy property ... In conversations with other tour members, many of us wondered how so much value for our money was possible.”

Angus & Marilyn Beaton

“From the moment we were met at the airport, we were made to feel part of the Focus On Mexico family.”

Ramsay and Eileen Damonze, Toronto Ontario

“Our stay in Mexico due to your efforts was just wonderful! We learned such a lot that we wanted to be part of this wonderful country – so we bought just a little corner and are hoping to enjoy it!”

Ross Cheney, Torrance Ontario, now a snowbird in Ajijic

“Cost wise, it is excellent value with all the info provided. We could not have expected more in the way of help, guidance, information, leadership and friendship.... I feel I got a lot for my buck. It would be impossible to duplicate this program on one’s own...fantastic value.”

“After two previous trips to Ajijic to get an education about investing in Mexico, finally your program provided me with the necessary information. Couldn’t be better. Excellent program from beginning to end.”

Thanks to our clients for the memories! Amalia Hernandez 

Experience living in Mexico on a Focus on Mexico Program. Our all-inclusive program covers
Lake Chapala, Banking, Climate, Travel, Cost of Living, Communications, Real Estate, Health Care, Driving, Immigration and much more information.

Our participants say it best:
“There is not enough space to say all the wonderful things about ‘Focus On Mexico’ – the information, the meals and entertainment, the patience and care that we enjoyed, the education we had on living in Mexico, all this and more was far beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend, that if you are thinking about retiring or part time living in Mexico–you SIMPLY MUST come on this trip with "Focus On Mexico." - Barbara Hinton 







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