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Applying for a Vehicle Permit On-line

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  •  Mexico's land transportation network is one of the most extensive in Latin America. 

    You can now apply for your temporary vehicle import permit on-line through the Banjercito bank. However, you should read the information in the tabs below about obtaining the permit and what you will need when entering Mexico before going to the web site.

    The following link will take you to the start page for the application process once: 



  • Important Information

     If you are the owner of the vehicle:  

    You will need a document that certifies legal ownership of the vehicle according to the following options:

    • Vehicle title
    • Valid vehicle registration certificate
    • The vehicle invoice
    • Credit Contract from the financing institution or an invoice letter not older then 3 months (if the vehicle is not paid off).

    If you are not the owner of the vehicle:  

    • If it is Family property - A document that proves ownership and a document that proves the importer’s relationship with the vehicle owner such as spouse or children. Valid documents include marriage or birth certificates.
    • If the vehicle is the property of a company - You must present a document that proves ownership and a document stating that the importer is an employee of that company.
    • If it is under a rental contract – You must have a document which includes the importer’s name and a letter from the rental company authorizing to take the vehicle outside of US-territory.

     When requesting a Temporary Import Permit by Internet, the only accepted method of payment is by credit or debit card, according to the following requirements:

    • The card must be issued to the importer’s name
    • The card must be valid internationally
    • The card must be issued in a foreign country
    • The card must have the Visa or MasterCard logos
    •  The card must be activated to accept charges made in other countries.

    The charge for the Service Fee will be applied in Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate as follows:

    Service fee for the request by Internet is 48.00 USD plus Tax (Total of 53.28 USDThe charge includes the service fee for issuing the permit and the shipping charges to send the permit by mail.)

     Important aspects to keep in mind for the temporary importation of a vehicle:

    • A temporary import is only possible for one vehicle at a time.
    • The maximum load capacity for a temporary vehicle import is 3.5 tons, not including the weight of the vehicle.
    • You may tow with your vehicle one to three motorcycles, beach cars or dune buggies, or four-wheel motorcycles or ATVs. You must be able to provide proof of ownership for the vehicles being transported and they must be returned along with the towing or transporting vehicle.
    • It is not permitted to sell the temporarily imported vehicles on Mexican territory or use them for commercial activities.
    • The vehicle must be returned to the country of origin within the authorized timeframe as stated in the Temporary Import Permit.

    When entering Mexico you must have in your possession originals of the required documents as determined by Mexican law. You must provide one of the following documents:

    • Foreign passport
    • Certificate of naturalization

    Note:When entering Mexican territory, if you do not have an Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente or some type of visa;  you must first apply for a tourist visa at the National Institute of Migration. Your vehicle permit will be issued for a period equal to that of your tourist visa. 


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