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Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

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  • Assisted Living Facilities Around lake Chapala

    Assisted living is often viewed as the best of both worlds. Residents have as much independence as they want with the care and support they need. They differ from nursing homes in that they don’t offer complex medical services. What these communities do offer is a more home-like atmosphere for senior citizens who would like to live in a social environment with little responsibilities and easily accessible care.

    And, it is well-established fact that cost of living in Mexico is about 30% less than north of the border and this service is no different. Assisted Living and nursing homes in Mexico run roughly half—or less—than what you would pay north of the border.

    "Mexico's growing assisted-living market targets U.S. retirees. With 75 million baby boomers heading toward retirement and the cost of private nursing care in the U.S. outstripping already-hammered retirement funds, Mexican developers say they have an irresistible product in the works: active senior and assisted-living facilities in a warm climate full of friendly people for as little as $1,100 a month.Since most Mexicans take care of their parents often until death, there is not much of a nursing home industry at all, except for those run by charities or the government,"says Laurence Iliff of The Dallas Morning News.

    One of the locations American retirees find attractive is on Lake Chapala near Guadalajara where several small retirement homes have sprung up, often operated by locals, to serve Americans as they get older and can no longer take care of themselves.

    "You can barely afford to live in the United States anymore," said Harry Kislevitz, 78, of New York City. A stroke victim, he moved to a convalescent home on the lake's shore two years ago and credits the staff with helping him recover his speech and ability to walk.

    "Here you see the birds, you smell the air, and it's delicious," Kislevitz said. "You feel like living."

    What's coming now, developers say, is completely different: brand-new, turnkey developments, for sale or rent, that come with a buffet of services (from a maid to full Alzheimer's care) at about a third or less the cost of that in the U.S.

    A report last month by the MetLife Mature Market Institute put the average rate for an assisted-living facility in the U.S. at $3,031 a month.Generally, that included room and board, at least two meals a day, housekeeping and personal care assistance.

    And those of us who live in the Lake Chapala area feel this statement on a local web site to be very true: "The quality of care that can be provided in Mexico will be superior to the United States because the work force in Mexico is very dedicated and there is a compassion that can be found in the Mexican culture that will ensure that patients will be very well attended."

    Focus on Mexico had the opportunity of looking at assisted living and nursing homes in Mexico with an Expert from the states. Since Assisted Living and nursing homes are becoming more important for the seniors retiring in the next ten years, we thought you would like a more detailed look at the homes here in the Lake Chapala area. Please check back often as we add more information.

    Laurence Iliff/ The Dallas Morning News)
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in the Lake Chapala area
    Assisted Living in Lake ChapalaLooking at Assisted Living and nursing homes in Mexico with an Expert! Assisted Living and nursing homes in Mexico run roughly half—or less-- than what you would pay north of the border and also includes three home-cooked meals a day. It is important to note that in Mexico the foods being used are whole and fresh. Convenience foods are expensive and not the norm so in an Assisted Living home in Mexico chances are you will be eating much better than you would have north of the border.
    Assisted Living in Mexico at La Valentina
    La Valentina Ajijic Lake Chapala MexicoSet up on the mountainside on the north shore of Lake Chapala, a couple kilometers from Ajijic towards San Juan Cosala, La Valentina is the very latest in assisted living. It presents a stunning view of the lake and the mountains that are right behind the new facility.
    Cost of Nursing Care at Lake Chapala

    Assisted living at Lake Chapala MexicoWe have wonderful Focus alumni who believe in sharing the information they’ve gathered in moving to Lake Chapala with others who are still weighing the pros and cons, and thinking about it. Recently we received an email from Brian* asking the following question: “I am researching Mexico to find a memory-care assisted living home for my mom. Your website was in the results and I'm inquiring to see if you can help me.”