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Your Second Chance is right NOW. Don't miss it this time!

By Ray Bullock, Focus on Mexico
Lake Chapala, Mexico

During our Focus on Mexico 8-Day Educational Programs, we meet many people who are considering Mexico as part of their retirement plans. One topic we cover during our program is the impact of exchange rates (an often overlooked aspect of retirement planning) on purchasing power and ongoing cost of living.

Does saving $70,000 on the cost of a home interest you?

As a topic, compared to the 2nd best climate in the world or an exciting new culture to discover, a lesson on exchange rates sounds rather mundane. However, if I said you could save $70,000 on the purchase of a home and reduce your cost of living a further 20% below the already lower level (approximately 30% below Canada), would that pique your interest?

That is the situation that exists Right NOW, but how long with it last?

Six months ago the exchange rate for a Canadian dollar to a U.S. dollar was 1.2655. To purchase a $300,000 U.S. home at that time (prices in Mexico are in U.S. dollars), a Canadian buyer would pay $379,650 Canadian.

Today (Oct 15th, 2009), the exchange rate is 1.0303. To buy the same $300,000 home today would cost only $309,090 Canadian. That is a savings of $70,560 for the very same home!

Attn Can Chart 1

Want to save an additional 20% in your cost of living?

Six months ago the exchange rate for a Canadian dollar to the Mexican peso was 10.3238.

Today (Oct 15th, 2009) the exchange rate is 12.6880. That results in 22.8% more pesos for every dollar you exchange. Allowing for inflation, those of us who live here have seen our cost of living go down by 20%.

Attn Can Chart 2

How long will this window of opportunity last?
Where is the loonie going? Up or Down?

On Nov 25th, 1976 the Canadian dollar was at par with the U.S. dollar. In the year 2000, the loonie bottomed at $0.62. The next time it reached par was in 2007 (33 years later). A mere eight months later the loonie was back down to $0.79 (a drop of over 20%).

As you can see from the below table, after the Canadian dollar was allowed to float in 1970, the CAD/US exchange rate floated in a narrow range of (0.98 to 1.02) until 1976. From that point on the Canadian dollar weakened to a low of $1.57 (average) in 2002 (actual low 1.6184 on 21 Jan 2002), then climbed back to $1.07 (average) in 2008 (actual high of 1.1030 7 Nov 2007).

1/04          1/2005           1/2006           1/2007           1/2008           1/2009           1/2010            1/11

Historical Canadian Dollar Rate (CAD)























Average annual currency exchange rate for the Canadian Dollar (Canadian Dollars per
U.S. Dollar) is shown in this table: 1971 to 2008.

What is very interesting to note is that, in 37 years, the highest the Canadian dollar has been was in 1974 (average 0.98) with only two brief periods of par (or slightly above).

With the current rate being close to par, this is no time to gamble.

How long will it last this time? Nobody knows, but, if history repeats itself, it may not be long. Many say that the strength of the loonie hurts trade and in the long run isn’t good for Canada and it won’t be long before the powers-that-be bring the value back down. No one knows for sure when (or if) this will happen.

However, what we do know is that, right now you have a double opportunity if you are considering retiring in Mexico.

  1. Strong Canadian dollar against the weak U.S. dollar – save on home purchase in Mexico
  2. Weak Mexican peso – save on cost of living in Mexico

Doesn't it make sense to Act Now?

Three Things to Consider

  1. Book NOW on a Focus Program which will allow you to make the decision if Mexico is right for your retirement.
  2. Purchase your home in Mexico and take advantage of the savings.
  3. Enjoy your retirement in our little pocket of paradise and save big time on your cost of living.

Book NOW

Since 2008, there are over 10,000 boomers turning of age every day and with Lake Chapala being one of the top retirement locations in Mexico (International Living has rated Mexico the # 1 retirement location in the world for two years), it certainly makes sense to get in ahead of the herd.

 The opportunity is there if you Act NOW.

The currency exchange opportunity was there in 2008, but as we mentioned, it did not last very long. It’s not often you get a second chance, but you have one right now. Don’t miss it this time. It could save you a lot of money.

Contact: Ray Bullock, Focus on Mexico
Phone: In Mexico (376) 766 3987
From U.S. (210) 745 1404
From Canada (416) 619 9310

Focus on Mexico Program - A life-changing experience!

Join us on a Focus on Mexico 8-Day Educational program to Lake Chapala Mexico. If you are remotely interested in retiring or investing in Mexico, you owe it to yourself to come on our 8-day program and see for yourself if Mexico is right for you. We have expert speakers to talk about health care, insurance, cost of living comparisons, the legal system and real estate, U.S. taxes, Canadian non-residency, banking, immigration, culture and just about everything you can think of that you’d want to know before moving to a foreign country. We also manage to pack a lot of fun into the equation. Many participants tell us they have to remind themselves that they are here to learn and not ‘just’ on a vacation as they are having so much fun.

Testimonial from Bill Brandon, Feb 2009
I cannot be more sincere when I say to you and Marie, that you two individuals and your staff run the most professional and organized program that I could ever imagine in assisting people to make informed decisions about living part or full time in Mexico.

Having been in sales all my life, I think it is important to praise excellence when I see it, and not just be critical of situations when I see them. You, Marie and your staff are the epitome of excellence, and I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to experience your Focus on Mexico program. At the age of 68, this was not my first rodeo, so-to-speak, but it was the most organized and professional that I have experienced.

I have been dealing with very high quality attorneys and professionals in Houston for 30 years in the life insurance business, and I recognize quality when I see it, and your Focus on Mexico Program is the epitome of being outstanding to say the least. You do one hell of a job.

Testimonial from Joni Allen, 2009 March 28 to April 4
The Focus Team spent years gathering all of the information that was shared and have taken the fear and guess work out of retiring in Mexico. We highly recommend this program. They have left no stone unturned as far as covering every aspect of the legal and medical questions you might have as well as covering all of the services available here; the real estate tour was very interesting.

There is no way short of spending a lot of years in Mexico that you could gather all of the information the Focus Program offers you. It is invaluable as a resource if you are considering retiring in Mexico. If you are listening to all of the negative media about Mexico and wondering why anyone would want to live here, Focus on Mexico will erase your doubts and fears and educate you on the truth about Mexico! It is magical!!

Testimonial from Owen & Jackie Oliver, 2009 March 28 to April 4
Every presentation was loaded with valuable information delivered by impressive people. We know we can't retain everything covered, but we understood with clarity the total concept of each presenter. We know now that we have friends who have great connections, and through Focus on Mexico we have the confidence to successfully be a part of the Mexican community. We have made enduring friendships with every member of Focus and also every member of our group. We can't believe how Focus on Mexico enriched our lives. It was the best thing we have ever done for ourselves. If you are interested in moving to Mexico, please sign up for Focus on Mexico it is a definite must. I can't say enough good about the program.

Dinner at Casa Bullock: we had great views, wonderful food, a piñata, and the home was so inviting. We had three Focus alumni couples who gate-crashed; they couldn't resist the chance to meet some future neighbors. It sure did add to the fun. We graduated, and moved to the courtyard where we each got to reach into the fountain and choose a ‘Gratitude Rock’; then we said our tearful goodbyes. The perfect end to a perfect program.

I think that the best testimonial for the FOCUS ON MEXICO program  is that no matter where we went in the group or on our own we met alumni from the program and everyone, those who had lived in the area for years, those who had been there one year and even the couple moving next month, over twenty couples, all had nothing to say except FOCUS ON MEXICO is great and with their help we are living our dream in Paradise. All of us had Found our Magic.








Book NOWon one of these programs to find out if Mexico is right for you.










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SAVE thousands of $$$ for Your Retirement Funds

But You Must ACT NOW!

An ideal opportunity,but it won’t last long