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  • Ask Focus About Directory of Services

    What is the Ask Focus Directory of Services?

    The Ask Focus Directory of Services is the go-to resource for locating anything you need to know about making your transition to lakeside a smooth and easy one.

    • Need an English-speaking plumber in Chapala. You'll find it here.
    • Where can you go to get a good meal on Monday when most restaurants are closed? You'll find it here.
    • Your friends are visiting. You need a good B&B near your house. You'll find it here!

    All that and more is included here in our user-friendly web site. This service was created by your Focus on Mexico team, but it will be constantly updated by those of you who live here and use it often. Anytime you find a jewel of an electrician, please share with us. Don't keep him to yourself; after all, you want him to stay in business, don't you? Share him with your fellow expats. If you do, I'm sure he'll always find time for you.

    Have a favorite dentist, doctor or hair stylist? Don't be stingy! Let your fellow residents know.

    Send all references to

    Some of the information you will find in this section includes

    • Places to stay such as hotels and B&B
    • Places of worship
    • Restaurants and clubs
    • Local places to get groceries and other shopping needs
    • etc..

    Below you will find links to the important information within this section.  

  • As other information becomes available, this section will be updated, so check back often.    Focus would like to make Ask Focus as complete as possible, so if there is something that we have not included, please send us the information by clicking here and going to the Ask Focus content suggestion... 

  • To view a subject, please click on the title of the subject.

  • Accommodations and Lodging
    Accommodations and Lodging LogoIn this section you will find information about Accommodations and Lodging around the Lake Chapala Mexico area.
    Charity Organizations
    Charity Organizations sq btnIn this section, you will find the charity organizations that Focus On Mexico sponsors as well as others around the Lake Chapala, Mexico area.
    Churches and Places of Worship
    Places of Worship sq btnWe have a wide variety of Lake Chapala churches to worship and in several denominations, many of them beautiful works of architecture and hundreds of years old. We have Spanish, bilingual and many English services.
    Communications in the Lake Chapala Mexico area Communications is one of the areas that has experienced rapid advancement in the past several years in the more populated areas of Mexico. For the most part, phones are readily available. Learn what types of communications are available and how to get a land line, cell phone and the options for long distance.
    Dining and Entertainment
    Dining and Entertainment btnThe variety of restaurants in the Lake Chapala area will delight and amaze you—Italian, French, German, Chinese, International, Argentinean, English Fish & Chips, Mexican, Thai...just to name a few. Eating out in Lake Chapala is extremely affordable, the variety is immense, everything is close by and it becomes a wonderful way to socialize.
    Finances and Banking

    Finances and Banking in Lake Chapala Mexico This section contains information about Finances and Banking in Lake Chapala Mexico.

    Government Offices
    Government Offices btnThis section contains information on the Government Offices in Lake Chapala.
    Places to Shop
    Places to shop btnHere you will find lot's of places to go shopping in Lake Chapala Mexico area.
    Service Contacts
    Services Contacts in the Lake Chapala Mexico areaIn this section you will find how to make Contracts for different services or find service contacts in Lake Chapala.
    Transportation In Mexico
    Transportation btnHere we have detailed information about transportation in the Lake Chapala Mexico area as well as a little on transportation in Mexico in general.

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