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Focus Announcements in 2010

02 | 03 | 2011


Focus Referral Program

Focus launches Referral program to compensate/reward those people that send us business. Focus pays a cash referral for every client that is referred that comes on a Focus program. Within the first week of launching the program, we received 3 referrals, which we were most grateful for. So we invite you to refer your friends to the Focus program and we’ll happily pay you a referral.

Focus Program EXPANDS to include Financial Seminars (at no additional cost)

Focus On Mexico Financial SeminarsIn these economic times, it is imperative to STRETCH your $$$$ to hope for a better retirement. Therefore, we added these seminars covering the tax implications of moving to Mexico from the U.S. or Canada. What you will learn could change your whole concept of retirement for the better.

For Canadians: Experts in their field will talk about Canadian Taxes with specific attention to Non-Residency for Canadians (reduce your taxes to only 15% withholding and never pay Capital Gains again) PLUS a Financial Planning seminar for Canadians moving to Mexico! Find out how you can save enough money over time to pay for your home here and, still maintain your Canadian citizenship. Canadians also have the added advantage of the strength of the Canadian dollar to both the peso and the U.S. dollar.

For Americans: Additional Seminar covering tax issues on living full or part-time in Mexico. You will discover that you can actually work in Mexico and be exempt from U.S. taxes for up to $91,000 U.S. You’ll also get to understand the effect that taxes have on your Cost of Living in Mexico. This article, ‘Can I Afford to Retire Now’ gives you an overview.

Focus adds real estate listings to its website

Focus Real EstateAfter many requests, Focus moves to add real estate properties on our website. Each property listing has its own mini website and some even have videos. We will be continually adding new properties. The information is much more comprehensive than can be found on most real estate sites. We hope this helps people get a better feel of prices and how they compare to back home.



Focus Adds Geo MappingFocus adds GEO-Mapping

 Geo-mapping will help pinpoint local services and amenities (and real estate). Visitors will be able to print off directions and local services will be able to add their business location to the maps.


Focus adds Videos to Focus site and YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a Video worth?  PRICELESS!  You will find a growing list of our professionally produced videos on the Focus site. Check out the favourites posted below.

General Videos:

Magic of Lake Chapala  Mexico MythBusters
Activities Health Care
Focus Program  Magic of Lakeside  Mexico Mythbusters  Lake Chapala Activities  Health care in Mexico 

Real Estate Videos:

La Reserva Los Sabinos Casa Latella Casa Libelula Casa Margarita
La Reserva Lake Chapala Mexico  Los Sabinos Ajijic Mexico Banner  Casa Latella Ajijic Mexico  Casa Libelula Ajijic Mexico Floor Plan  Casa Margarita Lake Chapala 


Focus starts a Focus Facebook Page

Focus On Mexico Facebook 


Focus now has its own Buyers Agents to better serve our clients

We have also added in 2010, our own team of Focus Agents that act as Buyers Advocates for our clients (at no additional cost). They are all Focus Alumni who have come on the program and moved here so they are in the same head space as our clients and can relate to all the same things. This is being extremely well received from Focus participants. Please feel free to contact them directly for your real estate needs. They’ll be happy to assist you. Check out their Profiles

Our in-house Agents not only help our clients with their Real Estate needs (with no pressure) but they can offer valuable assistance through the relocation process, making for a smoother transition.  And for people looking for real estate before they come, they can be the eyes on the ground to answer questions or get more info about certain properties or areas. And for those Focus clients interested in rentals, they can advise them on the different locations and pros and cons, and recommend several property managers we have found good to deal with. So whether our clients buy or rent, we (Focus) are there to help you with the transition.

An important decision for people who choose to live here is where they will live. Many people are used to owning their own home and are encouraged about the investment opportunities in Lake Chapala, given Veteran’s Today survey placed Lake Chapala the # 1 Retirement choice in Mexico. Clearly this is one of the popular areas boomers are choosing to move to, which over time will surely affect prices upwards. Many people are choosing to buy now, and get in ahead of the herd.

Did you know that 2011 marks the year when the number of boomers turns of age TRIPLES:

Excerpt from Baby boomers start turning 65 in 2011:


That's how many boomers there are — more than a quarter of the U.S. population. On Jan. 1, boomers began turning 65. Between 7,000 and 10,000 of them will celebrate that birthday each day for the next 18 years.

Another Excerpt:

Here is a by-the-numbers look at this generation. 


Boomers care deeply about their health. 

84 percent of people turning 65 this year plan to start taking better care of their physical health, an AARP poll found.

35 percent consider this their top life-change priority.

31 percent say their physical health is worse than they thought it would be.

Their health expenses will be enormous. 

Many people have found Lake Chapala a very healthy place to live. No air-conditioning and no heating, an abundance of Vitamin D (sunshine), wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables year round, a stress-free and laid-back live style, and living amongst the happiest people in the world, it is no wonder people live longer and have a higher quality of life.


Focus launches ‘ASK FOCUS’ – Relocation Services (plus 'A-La-Carte Concierge' services)

A ‘One Stop’ information source for anything to do with the Lake Chapala area. With an abundance of good and accurate information, Alumni can simply go to Ask Focus for anything they need. 

When looking to relocate to a new country and culture, there is a lot you need to know. The Focus on Mexico Program provides everything you need to know about legal, immigration, health care, real estate, cost of living, taxes, non-residency and much much more. There is no other way to get all the information and recommended contacts and specialists you need to ensure a smooth transition and keep you out of trouble. We personally use all our Expert Speakers so they come highly recommended. Moving to Mexico is as easy as taking a Focus program. We do all the work and you learn and enjoy. But what to do, once you actually make the move?

Now, we have taken it the extra step and are helping people with the actual relocation process. Everyone who comes on our program can tap into the Focus Support System. In addition to the Ask Focus site which is chock full of information, there will be a number of additional benefits available only to people who have taken the Focus program. Among other things, we are currently working on a Focus Benefit card, which will give you access to discounts from a number of local and Guadalajara vendors. One furniture store is offering huge discounts to Focus Alumni.

ASK FOCUS’ is a portal site within the Focus on Mexico site, designed primarily to help Focus Alumni make a smooth transition to their new life in Mexico and give quick access  to a multitude of information at their fingertips. We have many more categories we are working on, but already you’ll find a myriad of links under each of these topics below:

Directory of Services, Focus Networking, FAQ, HowTo Procedures, Moving to Mexico, Living at Lake Chapala 

The HowTo Procedures is worth its weight in gold. You’ll find HowTo get your Senior Discount Card, HowTo Apply for IMSS, HowTo get your Drivers Licence, HowTo Set up your Electrical Contract, HowTo get a Phone, HowTo order Propane. HowTo’s on just about everything.

The Directory of Services covers charities, churches, communications, dining and entertainment, government offices, places to shop, services and much more.

Among other things, the Living at Lake Chapala section includes a full section on Health care, including allopathic and alternative, dental, prescription drugs, national health care plan, private insurance and a long series of related articles. There will also be a list of recommended providers to take the guess work away.

So when you are living here in Lake Chapala and looking for information; simply go to the ASK FOCUS site for everything from restaurants to real estate, bus schedules to international flights, churches to grocery stores, phone service to entertainment, medical services, recommended suppliers and services and every other service available. This will also serve as a venue for meeting other people with similar interests. Getting information can be an arduous task. Newspapers, publications, word of mouth and even Google are used but there is not a central source where Alumni can go to get answers. ‘ASK FOCUS’ will become that source.

If you live in Lake Chapala already, and have worked with people you would recommend, we invite you to share this information so we can offer a number of great choices for everyone.

Concierge Services

As mentioned, you will find all the HowTo’s on the Ask Focus site, so if you want the adventure of applying in Spanish for your Senior Discount Card, or want to drive into Guadalajara and take your Drivers test in Spanish, good for you. But for those that want someone to help them through the process, you will have access our a-la-carte concierge services. Get help to set up all your accounts, go shopping, have someone translate for you, side trips around Mexico, pick up and drop off at the airport for you or your visitors and even dog and house sitting. A small list of services and prices is posted on our webpage in the Ask Focus section. Our concierge representatives are bilingual, trustworthy, and absolutely charming.


Focus Forecast 2011

Boomers start turning 65 in 2011 at triple the rate.

Excerpt from Baby boomers start turning 65 in 2011:

Work and money 

  • 13 percent of those turning 65 this year plan to retire completely in 2011.
  • 24 percent don't know when they'll quit working.
  • Nearly half of boomers ages 56 to 62 may not have enough savings to cover basic expenses.

Two-thirds of boomers will get an inheritance from their parents. The median amount will be $64,000, but recent hard times likely will cost boomers about 13 percent of their inheritance.

• $60,000: Mean financial assets of boomers.

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