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Focus on Mexico Learning ADVENTURE in Ajijic, Mexico

 Fast track to Learning 

The Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning Seminars are invaluable and To-the-Point, giving you accurate and current information from Experts in each field on all related topics about moving to or living in Mexico, regardless of where in Mexico you might decide to live. Experience Lake Chapala and learn why 20,000 Expats call this beautiful pocket of paradise, ‘Home-Sweet-Home’. 



  • Aug 6-11, 2017
  • Nov 5-10, 2017
  • Feb 18-23, 2018
  • Mar 11-16, 2018
  • April 15-20, 2018
  • July 29-Aug 3, 2018
  • Aug 12-17, 2018 
  • Oct 28-Nov 2, 2018

Once you attend one of our Fast-Track-to-Learning programs, you will have all the information you need to decide if Mexico if right for you; information that is impossible to gather on your own. Moving to a new country can be a delightful and enchanting adventure or a daunting and frustrating task. The difference is the amount of preparation, knowledge and understanding you have before actually making the move. Knowing how to get the very most from your new life and how to navigate through the system with the help of an experienced support system can make all the difference. It’s easy once you know how. Focus on Mexico can show you the way.

Check out the Table of Contents.

When you decide to make the move, you will have access to the Focus Alumni Support section on our website to help you make a smooth transition and you also will be eligible for the Focus Alumni Benefits

 Focus Group 


Grace Lebel 

"Although I was generally familiar with Mexico, having traveled there extensively on both business and pleasure, I felt I needed to be more focused on Mexico as a permanent destination for retirement. I had read books and other materials I was able to access, but it wasn't until my participation in the Focus Program that I was able to put it all together. I urge anyone who has been thinking casually about Mexico as a retirement destination to seriously consider making the investment to attend a Focus on Mexico program."  


Over and over our clients tell us that on their own, they could never have learned or experienced everything found in a single Focus program. Read our countless ‘Testimonials’, and see the value that others in your own situation found in our program. There simply is no better way than a Focus program to truly experience Mexico and at such an affordable price.

Relocating to another country is a big move. It’s an important decision. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure you are getting accurate and current information? Doesn’t it make sense to gain knowledge and a true understanding of what it is going to be like for YOU to live there? Only then, can you be confident in your decision. Focus on Mexico gives you that.

During your Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program, you’ll hear from the Experts in their respective fields. You can rest assured that you are getting the best and most current and up-to-date information available to build your knowledge base about Mexico. And most importantly, we help you put it all in perspective. We show you how to implement it with your particular circumstances in mind. With the knowledge you will gain, you will save the cost of the program time and time again, plus you won't have all the frustrations of the trial and error process. This is a major change in your life. Our  Focus Team focus on helping you make a smooth transition so you can relax and enjoy your new life adventure in our little pocket of paradise.

Our new Fast-Track-to-Learning conferences still offer all the same Seminars from Experts (including all the information, a 200 page comprehensive workbook and handouts) as well as Registration Cocktail party with food and drinks, a couple of excursions which include lunch and a Farewell Dinner including drinks at Casa Bullock on Friday evening, all at a much reduced cost. Additional segments that were formerly in the full program will be available ‘a-la-carte’, allowing people to customize their own program to best suit their requirements and budget. 

If you are already familiar with Mexico and want to explore on your own, there are scheduled ‘time-outs’ to accommodate this so you won’t miss any of the important ‘stuff’. Conversely, if you want to hang out with the group and participate in suggested activities, we offer Concierge ‘a-la-carte’ services to choose from. (Note: If you are a returning Alumni sitting in again on the Seminars for free, you may also take advantage of the Alumni Concierge choices.)

The Seminars will still be held at the Real de Chapala hotel, so for your convenience we do recommend staying right at the hotel. We have negotiated a Focus Preferred rate of $1200 pesos which includes a full breakfast. Having breakfast with other Focus participants gives you a great opportunity to share perspectives and ideas. (To give you a price comparison, if you book the hotel through the price is about the same but does not include breakfast, and in addition to the price there is 16% IVA and 3% City Taxes.) However if you prefer, we can provide a list of Recommended B&Bs or for longer stays, recommended Property Managers. The program dates are the first week of the month (except the April 2015 date because of Easter); so for those that come for longer stays, you can take the Focus program the first week and have the benefit of all the information, contacts, and experience, to better enjoy the rest of your stay.

Sandra Brode, Chicago, Illinois 

The best thing I can say is that I would recommend the Focus program to anyone even slightly interested in moving to Mexico. The general information the program provided is useful no matter where a person is interested in living in Mexico. I have read books about retiring in Mexico and done research online but I have found nothing that compares with this all-comprehensive program. I look forward to returning as a "guest" before I make the actual move to Lake Chapala. Money well spent!


Linda Gipson, Houston, Tx 

I'm sure you've received dozens if not hundreds of thank yous and glowing accolades over the years that you've been directing the Focus on Mexico trips, but please allow me to add my wholehearted endorsement, and sincere gratitude for your introduction to a new and most appealing way of life.  The amount of information was almost overwhelming, but I feel secure in the knowledge that I now have the connections and know who to go to for what when I need it. But you and Ray are the most marvelous, energetic director/hosts. You're the "glue".  Nothing and no one could speak more highly for the area than the first rate program you have put together, along with all the wonderful people you have put in place to so ably assist.  Everyone involved is attractive, likeable, intelligent, expert in his/her area, and helpful without being "pushy".   You guys have done an amazing job of putting together a program that is both enjoyable and chock full of information. 


A-la-Carte Concierge Services

A La Carte ServicesFocus ‘a-la-carte’ services, offering excursions before and during the program during scheduled ‘time-outs’ and additional activities options if you are extending past the program dates. Click on the link above see the options and price list of activities to choose from. Make your reservations as soon as possible as the bus will fill up quickly. We will also highlight local points of interest and include a list of restaurants and entertainment choices, of which there are many.

The new Fast-Track-to-Learning’ Conference is offered at a much reduced price, thereby allowing you the opportunity to choose your accommodation, see the sights on your own timeline, and experience the area, either with our Focus ‘a-la-carte’ services or on your own, as best suits your needs.


What is included? 

Registration Fee of $790 US (+ $590 for second person) includes:

  • Six Days (Sunday to Saturday - Final evening Friday - check out Saturday). (Note: If you want to take advantage of the optional A la Carte tour to Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque on Sunday before registration, you will need to arrive on the Saturday). We also recommend staying over a couple of days to explore the area on your own.
  • Welcome Cocktail reception (including snacks and drinks) and registration starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Real de Chapala hotel lobby (Sunday evening)
  • Resource Materials - Comprehensive Workbook (200 pages), Topic Handouts, Driving to Mexico Kit, ‘Moving your Stuff’ to Mexico Instruction Book, Certificate to sit in on Seminars again for free  
  • Presentations by Experts: Health Care, Hospitals/Doctors/Health Insurance Options, Living Lakeside, Safety/Crime, Legal, Cost of Living, U.S. Taxes, Canadian Non-Residency, Mexican Economy, Investing in Mexico, Immigration Visas, Moving, Doing Business in Mexico, Bringing Pets, Financing, Title Insurance, Currency Exchange, Real Estate - Renting or Buying, Financing Planning re Moving to Mexico, Owning Foreign Plated Vehicles
  • Coffee breaks
  • Outings: Two Area and Housing Tour excursions (Note: additional optional outings available a-la-carte provided by Kira's Concierge Services)
  • Two lunches and two dinners included in price with above excursions
  • FAQ session
  • Private time for individual viewings and/or appointments
  • Farewell Mexican Fiesta party at Casa Bullock including dinner and drinks on Friday evening. 
  • Activities info sheet including recommended Restaurants and Entertainment
  • Focus Alumni website access (after the program)
    • How To's for when you are ready to make the move.
    • Focus ‘a-la-carte’ services: like getting Mexican Driver’s License, Gov’t Discount Card
  • Contact information for Expert Speakers, plus growing list of recommended local providers
  • Free monthly Newsletter
  • Eligible to join our Focus Group Health Insurance Plan with Best Doctors, a fantastic Private Health Care Group Plan for $1090 per year. Can join up to age 74 years 11 months. No waiting period. Pre-existing conditions accepted after 12 months.
  • Eligible, as Focus Alumni, for the Focus Benefit Card offering amazing local Discounts
  • Focus representative assigned to be your liaison to help you make the transition to living in Mexico
  • Optional outings during program via Focus ‘a-la-carte’ services


 Who Should Attend?

Focus On Mexico Program Participants Lake Chapala Mexico 

Anyone who is considering living or spending time in Ajijic or Chapala Mexico - now or in the future - should attend this program. Get everything you need in one fell swoop! 

Discover how to live life on your terms in the 2nd best climate in the world – Ajijic, Lake Chapala Mexico. Be armed with knowledge to make a smooth transition. This is your opportunity to 'Live Your Life On Purpose.' 

QUESTIONS?  Just email   [Please include your name and phone number.] 

Phil Newbold 

 “For the money this was the most informative, valuable, content-oriented seminar I have ever attended. On top of that, it is a fabulous bargain. The opportunity to form a network of credible local professionals and interact after the seminar is a tremendous asset for anyone seriously contemplating a move to Mexico. The Focus on Mexico staff is exceptional. They provide a unique blend of professionalism, knowledge, customer focus and genuine caring. For the money, this is the highest value seminar I can ever remember attending."  


Bill and Sue Levy 

“Focus on Mexico was a great way to learn about the possibility of living in Mexico. The Focus Adventure program was designed to provide us with all the information we needed to make a decision about living here and the Focus team was able to answer all of our questions in a straight-forward and understandable way. They brought in local experts in Health Care, Immigration, Taxation, Law, Real Estate, etc. … they took excellent care of us while we were in Mexico. …  They made it possible for us to see a range of local real estate, but there was absolutely no pressure on us to make any decisions….  



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 Our alumni are our greatest advertising.

They've been there, done that and can't wait to tell everyone what a wonderful time they had, the many good friends they made and how they can't wait to return to live in our little slice of paradise. Focus on Mexico is so proud and happy about the wonderful people who have made the Lake Chapala area their home. They have so many wonderful qualities and have enriched our lives in so many ways. See what they have to say and then experience the Focus on Mexico program for yourself. You'll never regret it!

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On your Journey of Discovery to retire in this land of enchantment, we cover topics that will be important to you…immigration, health options available in Mexico, legal and financial topics, and information that will guide you through the decision-making process of buying or renting a house, options for moving, bringing your pets, and a myriad of other details that we have collected during Focus on Mexico’s 15 years of experience guiding our participants through the Lake Chapala area.

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Focus on Mexico has been offering Educational Tours to Lake Chapala since 1996. There is simply no better way to get all the information and knowledge in just one week. We invite you to discover Lake Chapala and experience the 'real' Mexico on an 8-Day Educational program. During your stay, you will come to truly understand the 'Magic of the Lakeside'.