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Focus Alumni Benefits

  Focus Alumni Benefits 

Sign up for a Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program and in addition to all you will learn during the program, you will enjoy all the Focus Alumni Benefits

Focus Alumni Benefit Card

Request your Focus Discount Card NOW!   Check out the Focus Discounts page to see all the Member Advantages for Focus Alunni. A few discounts are listed below; for instance, a 10% discount on appliances at Tio Sam’s, 15% off computer work at Benno's, and many more.

Fred and Donna Farrell 

Hi Marie, 

     Donna and I had an experience today that we had to share with you. Our dishwasher needed to be replaced and we planned to use El Tio Sam's for this. I Googled them to find there web page and the name came up in conjunction with Focus On Mexico and opened to a page from the F.O.M. web site regarding discounts. Imagine our surprise to discover that Focus members receive a fifteen percent (15%) discount (now is 10%). We were totally unaware of this benefit of being a Focus Alumni. Our dishwasher came to 11,745 Pesos but with the discount we got it for 9,800 Pesos or a savings of 1,945 Pesos. At the current rate of exchange that amounted to $150 USD. This is a hidden benefit that should be pointed out at the seminars if it is not being done already. I know that I did not know about it from our seminar but may have somehow missed it.                                 Adios, Fred and Donna 


You can use your Focus on Mexico membership cards for discounts to the following businesses...businesses that we know and trust.  Check back often to see the new ones we've added. We're working constantly with local businesses to update our list. 

·                            Ajijic Meat Center  

·                            FUMIGA Pest Control  

·                            Yves' Restaurante  

·                            Phariss Chiropractic  

·                            AI Soluciones Gráficas  

   Dupont Color Center Chapala 

·                            Las Playas Pescaderia  

·                            Dr. Don Olivera, Dentistry  

·                            El Tio Sam 

·                            CARE lab  

   Locksmith Abraham Casillas 

·                            Hydropool 

·                            Benno Computer Solutions 

·                            Lake Pharmacy  

·                            Jorge Ulloa Physiotherapy  

·                            Lake Med Center 

·                            Doctor Pinto Optica  

·                            Aqua Mundo del Lago 


Alumni Resources

As a Focus Alumni, you will have access to a special section of our website, designed to cover all aspects of making the move and living here on a day-to-day basis. Just to name a few: 

  1. Moving to Mexico - Check List - Before you Move, Packing Tips, Documents, After Arrival
  2.  Living at Lakeside - Cultural activities, Health & Fitness, Legal & Immigration, Sporting & Leisure
  3.  How to Procedures - Applying for DIF - Seniors Discount Card, Applying for IMSS or Seguro Popular ( National Health Care available to foreigners), Driving instructions to close by places, Setting up utility contracts, Getting a Mexican Driver’s license, Setting up TV, Opening Bank Accounts,
  4. Directory of Services - Churches, Charities, Dining & Entertainment, Communications, Finances and Banking, Government offices, Shopping, Service contracts, Transportation
  5.  Alumni Networking - Focus monthly luncheons, Scheduled trips
  6. Focus Benefit Card - includes discounts for meat, restaurants, furniture, appliances, locks, computer services, physio, optical, fumigation, chiropractic, paint, dentistry, medical lab, pharmacy, etc.
  7.  Frequently Asked Questions  

ASK FOCUS will give you answers to:  

  • How to get a Mexican Driver's License
  • What to do when your vehicle registration expires
  • How to sign up for IMSS (National Health Care)
  • How to apply for the Seniors Benefit Card for Jalisco and the national card for the rest of Mexico
  • List of discounts, including hospitals, lab tests, restaurants, museums, ETN bus travel, property taxes and much more Note: Many people have lived here for years and are not even aware this benefit to seniors exists
  • Services, like maids, gardeners, dog sitters, painters, decorators, doctors, dentists, restaurants, etc. 
  • Holidays and Fiestas 
  • What are the labor laws? 
  •  What benefits are your maid and gardener entitled to, for instance:
    • Christmas bonuses 
    • Holiday pay 
    • Severance package 
    • Do you need to enroll them in IMSS Health and Pension?
  • Who can drive your vehicle and who can't? 
  • How to change your foreign plates to Mexican plates (and are you allowed?)

The Alumni section will continue to grow as we add more and more content to further enhance your new life on the lakeside. We'll invite Alumni to share your stories with us. If you drive to Mexico with pets you can identify the route you took and the hotels you found that would (or would not) take pets. By inviting Alumni to participate, we'll be able to cover a lot more and add additional value for all to benefit from and enjoy.

Focus Networking

As soon as you arrive lakeside, you’ll receive our Welcome Letter full of great links and tips to get you settled in. You’ll have the opportunity to join the invite list for Focus monthly luncheons to link you immediately to a network of Focus Alumni; a great way to make instant friends and find like-minded people.

You’ll have access to all our recommended Expert speakers from the Focus program, from doctors, lawyers, immigration specialists, banking, investing and more. We personally use all our speakers services so can vouch for their credibility and expertise.

Fast-Track-to-Learning - Focus Alumni still sit in on Seminars for Free

We have just recently changed the Focus Programs to the Fast-Track-to-Learning model, condensing the program and offering at a much reduced cost. We wanted to let Focus Alumni know that you are still eligible to come back and sit in on the Seminars again for Free. But with the new program, we will offer optional A-la-Carte services which Focus Alumni also have access to, whether coming back to sit in on the Seminars, coming for a visit or living here. View Sample Services offered by Kira Byerly (former Focus Program Director). 

Focus/Best Doctors Private Group Plan

Quality Affordable Health Care is the # 1 concern for most of our clients. As a result of recent issues arising with the national health care options in Mexico, Focus set out to find a quality and affordable health care plan. With great fortune we found Best Doctors and immediately put together a Focus / Best Doctors Health Care Group Plan for our clients. Featuring world-wide coverage, English speaking, 2nd opinion from top 5% medical specialists in the world, and an annual premium for catastrophic coverage of ONLY $1090 US with a $3000 deductible. This is Worldwide coverage up to $750,000 US per year.  This is an unbeatable plan.

Becoming a Focus Alumni just gets better and better!  


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 Our alumni are our greatest advertising.

They've been there, done that and can't wait to tell everyone what a wonderful time they had, the many good friends they made and how they can't wait to return to live in our little slice of paradise. Focus on Mexico is so proud and happy about the wonderful people who have made the Lake Chapala area their home. They have so many wonderful qualities and have enriched our lives in so many ways. See what they have to say and then experience the Focus on Mexico program for yourself. You'll never regret it!

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On your Journey of Discovery to retire in this land of enchantment, we cover topics that will be important to you…immigration, health options available in Mexico, legal and financial topics, and information that will guide you through the decision-making process of buying or renting a house, options for moving, bringing your pets, and a myriad of other details that we have collected during Focus on Mexico’s 15 years of experience guiding our participants through the Lake Chapala area.

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Focus on Mexico has been offering Educational Tours to Lake Chapala since 1996. There is simply no better way to get all the information and knowledge in just one week. We invite you to discover Lake Chapala and experience the 'real' Mexico on an 8-Day Educational program. During your stay, you will come to truly understand the 'Magic of the Lakeside'.