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When you attend a Focus on Mexico Program, you will receive your personal copy of the Focus Driving Kit, which contains all kinds of information on ‘Bringing in your vehicle’ plus related topics:

  • Detailed Driving Route, instructions - from border crossings
  • Places to visit along the way
  • Distances and time
  • Road tips
  • The necessary documentation to bring
  • What to bring and what to leave behind
  • What to do if vehicle is not in your name?
    • Leased
    • Rented
    • In Company Name
  • Recommended Insurance Companies
  • Save hundreds of $$$ on Insurance
  • Car Authorization Letter in case you get stopped
  • Highway Signs and Symbols Sheet to print and keep in glove box
  • Estimated Cost of Toll Roads and Gas - from the border
  • Mordida letter – how to handle if you are stopped and the cop wants you to pay an instant fine.
  • Our personal contact number to use in emergencies
  • Phone # for the Green Angels
  • Sample Spanish terms to make your life easy
    • Fill up the car with gas (and which type)
    • Air in the tires
    • Where is the Bano?
    • Where is the nearest restaurant or hotel?
    • How to ask for directions
    • Help!
  • And more…

(Important Note! If you have already booked on our program and plan to drive down, please let us know and we can send you the kit in advance. The Driving Kit is only available to Focus participants.)


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Memories Of Past Alumni

 Our alumni are our greatest advertising.

They've been there, done that and can't wait to tell everyone what a wonderful time they had, the many good friends they made and how they can't wait to return to live in our little slice of paradise. Focus on Mexico is so proud and happy about the wonderful people who have made the Lake Chapala area their home. They have so many wonderful qualities and have enriched our lives in so many ways. See what they have to say and then experience the Focus on Mexico program for yourself. You'll never regret it!

Learning Adventures
Crash Course On Mexico


On your Journey of Discovery to retire in this land of enchantment, we cover topics that will be important to you…immigration, health options available in Mexico, legal and financial topics, and information that will guide you through the decision-making process of buying or renting a house, options for moving, bringing your pets, and a myriad of other details that we have collected during Focus on Mexico’s 15 years of experience guiding our participants through the Lake Chapala area.

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Focus is the # 1 Authority on Lake Chapala

Focus on Mexico has been offering Educational Tours to Lake Chapala since 1996. There is simply no better way to get all the information and knowledge in just one week. We invite you to discover Lake Chapala and experience the 'real' Mexico on an 8-Day Educational program. During your stay, you will come to truly understand the 'Magic of the Lakeside'.