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What You will Learn

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What You Will Learn from Expert Speakers

 There is nowhere else you can go to learn everything in a Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program. Each Seminar is worth the price of the program. Imagine getting a crash course on Mexico in just one week - everything you need, every question answered (including many you never thought of). You get everything in one fell swoop. You’ll have access to our recommended Specialists, the best in their field. AND we even give you a Certificate to come back again, any time in the next 5 years following your program, and sit in on the sessions again for Free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

You’ll also be part of the Focus Network and once you have decided to make the move, you will have access to the Focus Alumni Support section on our website to help you make a smooth transition and you also will be eligible for the Focus Alumni Benefits.

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Check out the Table of Contents.


  • Doctors and facilities - learn about the expertise of doctors and quality of hospitals, clinics, other facilities including lakeside private clinics/hospitals. Hear about brand new hospital being built.
  • National health care plans - find out pros and cons of IMSS, and new changes that make it difficult for foreigners. Introduction to recent new (low cost) public government health plan with no age limit, or pre-existing condition issues, and open to foreigners
  • Private insurance - Overview of options of private insurance and pros and cons of each
  • Discount clinic option - Learn how you can have unlimited doctor’s appointments for a low yearly fee $250 USD. To apply, no age limit, no pre-existing conditions, many benefits
  • Focus/Best Doctors Group Health Plan - fabulous options inside plan including can join up to age 74 plus 11 months, pre-existing conditions automatically accepted after 12 months, $1090 a year for catastrophic coverage (up to $750,000 US annually), deductible only $3000 and no co-pay, worldwide coverage, all the best doctors and hospitals, includes 2nd opinion from specialist doctor from the top 5% of doctors in the world.
  • Prescription drugs - availability, cost comparison to north of the border, many ‘prescription drugs’ actually available over the counter
  • Alternative health care - outline of the many options and overview description
  • The seminar outlines the many options and identifies combinations to choose from that would give you the best coverage at the lowest cost

Living on the Lakeside:

  • What’s it like to live in Lake Chapala - people, culture, language,  incredible support system, lifestyle
  • Activities - artist colony with tons of arts and crafts
  • Learn about the more than 50 English Speaking organizations you can access
  • Discover wide variety of churches and spiritual centers available
  • Discover exotic fruits and vegetables, organic produce and meats, imported goods
  • Learn about our infrastructure - unlike no other place - myriad restaurants and live entertainment, movies in English, live theater, nightclubs plus…
  • This comprehensive talk covers what it is like to live lakeside and all the wonderful things to do and an overview of the infrastructure that has led to this area being named the #1 Retirement location in Mexico.
  • Covers climate, magic of the area, demographics, enhanced lifestyle for less, English speaking organizations, out of the ordinary amazing discoveries, fauna and flora.


This talk about safety, crime and violence will be an eye opener as you learn the full perspective of how this compares to different parts of Mexico, US and Canada, and the world. Plus a surprise twist! (Note: There are some 20,000 expats living in Lake Chapala Mexico who feel perfectly safe living here. We even have people who bring their children to put in the Mexican school system because of the value system in Mexico.)

Legal System:

  • The Legal System - civil vs. common law, court procedures, criminal law, auto accidents, contract law, foreign investment law.  Learn how it really works.
  • Real estate law - learn difference between notary vs. lawyer. Understand public registrations, real estate ownership including trust vs. direct deed, living trusts, Apostille process. Is it safe to buy real estate, what to watch for to stay out of trouble?
  • Wills - do you need one in Mexico, what happens when someone dies? What will your heirs have to deal with?
  • Working or Doing Business in Mexico - Learn about incorporating a company, tax implications of working, and how this affects your immigration status.
  •  What if you work online? Or What if you work in Mexico for a U.S. company?

Taxes in Mexico:

Taxes in Mexico - covers sales tax, property tax, estate tax, capital gains tax, rental income tax. Learn how to avoid capital gains tax (legally). Are foreigners taxed on money they bring into Mexico? What if you work in Mexico - do you pay taxes? Do you need to pay taxes on rental income?

Rent or Buy:

We have a comprehensive talk on both Renting and Buying, also including Financing, Title Insurance and Currency Exchange. Buying section covers the various things you need to watch for in order to stay out of trouble. If you know to ask the right questions, you have a better chance of getting the right answers. This also applies to renting as there are some differences that are important to be aware of so you don’t have unpleasant surprises. You’ll have an opportunity to go on Behind the Walls Housing Tours and get to know the different locations and desirability. This is important information to know so you don't find out the hard way. Focus covers it all.

  • Renting

Learn different rules for renting in Mexico. Find out why you need a lease in English, why you should not give post-dated checks, or stop-payment on a check. Learn how to stay out of trouble by asking the right questions.

  • Buying

Get the Cheat Sheet for things to watch for
Learn why some areas popular and others not
Find out about escrow or trust accounts? Are there Disclosure Laws? What about house inspections or conditional sales? What about zoning and building codes? What about the construction process?
Process of buying - what do you really need to know?


  • What is happening with Economy in Mexico? Where is it going? Is it safe to invest in Mexico? Is it better to invest in pesos or dollars?
  •  Implications of NAFTA on Mexico.
  •  Learn how Mexico has created historic federal reserves over $166,644 billion dollars as of April 2013 and the economic opportunities in Mexico.


  • Visas, FMM, Temporal, Permanente and which one is right for you, where and how to apply for pre-authorization before coming to Mexico, criteria and how to qualify including proof of income (monthly or through investments). Learn special options if you don’t meet financial criteria (an exception rule - legal). Find out advantages and disadvantages of each visa depending on your circumstances.
  • ·What about working papers attached to your visa? Under which Visas can you work?

Bringing Furniture: 

You’ll receive a detailed Digital Book covering everything to do with moving your furniture.  You’ll learn how you can bring in all your belongings tax free and how and where to get your Inventory approved and get your Permit to Bring in your stuff, How and where to get your Car Permit in advance and more.

Bringing Pets:  

  • You’ll learn the guidelines for bringing cats and dogs, how many can you bring - depending on driving or flying and also if there is a quarantine period. What about birds, horses and other animals; you’ll learn that too.
  • You’ll find out about the Vets lakeside and if you can get the food your pet is used to.

Bringing Cars:

  • What about your foreign plated vehicle - can you bring into Mexico?
  • You’ll learn under what circumstances you can put Mexican plates (nationalize) -  a foreign plated vehicle and the cost and timing. And also which vehicles you cannot Mexican plate and what happens with your vehicle then.
  • What happens when the registration expires? How can you sell it in Mexico?
  • And of course we have expert people you can assist you with this process.

U.S. Taxes:

  • In this Seminar, a Tax Expert specializing in Expats moving in or out of the U.S. explains how to avoid double taxation if working in Mexico and how you can legally earn over $95,000 US in Mexico and not pay taxes in the U.S. 
  • You’ll learn whether to try Long-term Expatriate first when moving to Mexico, or take the more drastic approach and give up your US citizenship; and the pitfalls.
  • You’ll learn the tax implications of buying property and if you use financing, how to ensure your mortgage interest, taxes and expenses are able to be written off. You’ll learn whether it is beneficial to buy through a Living Trust, Incorporate the Rental, or buy in your personal name, and the implications for each option.
  • Most important, you will discover a little known new law, where if you do not follow precisely, you could be liable on your U.S. taxes for penalties from $10,000 to $50,000 USD and/or jail time (in the U.S.).
    Many residents living in Lake Chapala (who have not taken the Focus program) are on the wrong side of this law and are at risk for these penalties if discovered.
  • You’ll also get to understand the implications to you of the new (Obamacare) Health Care Law and what happens if you live in Mexico re the mandatory health insurance requirement.
  • This Seminar alone is worth the price of the program.
  • Includes Free consultation.

Non-Residency for Canadians: 

  •  Find out how to opt-out of the Canadian Tax system, become a non-resident for Tax purposes, reducing your taxes to 15% withholding or less.
  • Also find out if this is or is not in your best interest, depending on your circumstances.
  • Most important, learn what steps to take to remain a Resident of Canada for CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), if that is your choice.
    If you have inadvertently removed important ties that confirm your Canadian residency, the CRA can take the position that you have become a non-resident and therefore all of your assets deemed sold, and send you a large bill for taxes owed. 

Money Matters:

  • There are several considerations with money - Investing in Mexico, including the Stock Market, and Funds, Investment houses and Banks.
  • Learn whether you should put money in a Mexican Bank or Investment house, how to manage your finances back home, how to pay bills online.
  • Also an important consideration is Currency Exchange and we have some International recommended Exchange groups that allows you to go straight to the International exchange and avoid the middleman, which can save you thousands of dollars. You can even do a buy forward account over a year and lock in the rate in advance and transfer portions over time or all of an amount. Timing a transfer can be everything. When I bought my Toyota RAV, I saved $5000 usd equivalent because of when we transferred the money from dollars to pesos. Easy when you know how, and Focus shows you the way.
  • Since Mexico is an emerging market, you enjoy higher returns than north of the border.


  •  Learn how to save money on Car insurance and what happens if you have a car accident.
  •  What about house insurance, do you need it?

Cost of Living:

  • Discover the cost of living in Mexico and which things cheaper and which more expensive.
  • We cover the overall cost of living by using a real life example comparing the cost of living in Lake Chapala to how much the same person would have to pay if they lived in Denver Colorado enjoying a similar lifestyle. You’ll discover how by moving to Mexico you may be able to retire much sooner than you think.
    An unusual quirk, you’ll learn the effect of your taxes (north of the border) on your Cost of Living here vs there. 

DIF - Pensionado Discount Program:

Learn about this Senior Pensionado Discount Program, how to apply and what discounts to expect. We give you access to the book of discounts translated in English for your convenience. Example: discounts on ETN buses (50%) in Mexico, discounts on museums and theaters, certain hospitals, doctors and lab tests, property taxes and much more. Many people who have lived here for years are not even aware that this benefit is available to foreigners.

Focus Benefit Card:

Focus Alumni are immediately eligible for the Focus Benefit Card. There are substantial discounts and more coming so some great cost savings for day to day living, decreasing your cost of living even more.

Mike and Lynn McClaughlin, Alberta, 2007, 3 Nov to 10 Nov Program 

"We talk about retiring all the time now (plans are for the summer of 2010)  - this from two people who came to Focus on Mexico last year not planning to retire for at least 5 years!!! We had no intention of retiring early. We thought we would check out the Lake Chapala area thinking we would probably live 6 months in Victoria and 6 months in Mexico. After attending the Focus program and listened to the Cost of Living seminar, we found we could retire much earlier."  


Financial Planning for People Moving to Mexico:

  •  When moving to a foreign country, there are different financial considerations:
    How do you arrange your finances so you have enough money to support the lifestyle you want.
  • How to protect yourself from inflation risk.
  • How to invest and get a decent return in today’s world, without a lot of risk.
  • How to generate regular and sustainable income from your investments.
  • How to protect yourself from currency exchange risk.
  • Should you give up your Canadian or U.S. residency or citizenship. How can you reduce your taxes by moving to Mexico.
  • Includes Free consultation. 

Flavor of Mexico:

Learn the heart & soul of Mexico and how to best integrate into your new adopted country.

This is what I need 

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 There is nowhere else you can go to learn everything in a Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program. Each Seminar is worth the price of the program. Imagine getting a crash course on Mexico in just one week - everything you need, every question answered (including many you never thought of). You get everything in one fell swoop.

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