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Focus on Mexico A la Carte Program

Who Should Attend 

Focus on Mexico A la Carte program offers our Program participants and Focus alumni the adventure, information and cultural experiences you’ve come to expect from Focus on Mexico. 

Please contact KIRA BYERLY ( for FULL DETAILS.  

We are happy to announce that we are now able to create a personal, custom-made program for your visit to the Lake Chapala area.

DATES for 2015 

  • Feb 1 to 6th, 2015 
  • Apr 16 to 24th, 2015 
  • Aug 2 to 7th, 2015 
  • Nov 1 to 6th, 2015 

As a first step on your Journey of Discovery to retire in this land of enchantment, we recommend you get the Focus on Mexico manual  that contains all the information, current and updated, on all topics that will be important to you…immigration, health options available in Mexico, legal and financial topics, and information that will guide you through the decision-making process of buying or renting a house, options for moving, bringing your pets, and a myriad of other details that we have collected during Focus on Mexico’s 15 years of experience guiding our participants through the Lake Chapala area. This will be an invaluable resource that you can keep as reference for all the topics you’ll cover during the program.

Moreover, one aspect that has always been a mark of excellence on the Focus on Mexico program is that you will have a local tour guide to accompany you to share local history and points of interest. Seeing the sights with your own private, home-grown guide is the best way to fully appreciate the richness of Mexico's history, culture and cuisine. Your program director can answer any questions that pop into your head, explain what you're seeing right at that moment, and provide far more information than you ever expected.

To answer all your particular-to-you questions, our A la Carte Option is also tailored to your personal needs and concerns when visiting Lake Chapala. Through private, scheduled appointments with our experts, at minimal cost, you will receive all the information you need on issues that are of the greatest interest and most important to you.

But, as anyone knows who has been on any type of tour before, it is not just the educational program that makes a tour successful, but also the personality of your tour guides and their sensitivity to your needs and wants. From the moment of your arrival, our aim will be to make your trip an unforgettable one with personal guidance by local, bilingual team members Kira Byerly and Ana Kabande, who offer participants over 25 years of combined experience not only living in the Lake Chapala area, but as program directors of our Focus on Mexico Learning Adventures. Kira says, “We will be your personal guides to show you all sides of this beautiful place and to make you feel at home.”

All our tours are private—meaning that even if there are just two of you, this will be a tour run exclusively for both of you, and you will have your own driver / tour leader during your entire stay. However, we are prepared to handle any size of group, because we always feel “the more, the merrier!”  We have always felt that traveling with a group of like-minded people makes for an enhanced experience for all. It is not about spending every minute together, it’s about getting together to talk about your adventures over dinner or cocktails and having a great time.

Therefore, you will not only learn the basics that you need to know to make your move as easy as possible, but during our A la Carte field trips, you can visit and learn about Ajijic, Chapala, Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and discover the charms of each site as well as the great variety of restaurants and different cuisines that are available in our little pocket of paradise. Our tours are all custom-made and based on your personal wishes. When requested, we will give you suggestions based on our intimate knowledge of the area combined with your expectations and needs. All privately guided itineraries may be fully customized, lengthened, or shortened at your request.

With the A la Carte Option you may choose what you want your daily activities to be, including: 

  • Saturday - arrival, airport pick-up and welcome
  • Sunday.- Guadalajara & Tlaquepaque, lunch & tour
  • Monday - morning meetings with experts of your choice that we have set up, at your request, in advance of your tour (financial, health, legal, real estate, rentals, economics, etc.) and afternoon lunch and tour of local villages San Antonio Tlayacapan and Chapala.
  • Tuesday - morning appointments with experts, and afternoon lunch and shopping tour of Ajijic and West Ajijic areas.
  • Wednesday – You can visit the morning outdoor market “Tianguis” of Ajijic, then meet for lunch. Afterwards, we’ll go on a Behind-the-Walls tour to see real estate comparisons in the Lake Chapala area…again, this must be planned in advance, but it’s a great way to see lots of houses in a short amount of time.

Wednesday night Dinner and Dancing at Manix in Ajijic Includes dinner reservations, transportation to and from the restaurant, fantastic food, sensational live entertainment and fun fun fun. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

Wednesday dinner is a fun learning experience as you enjoy live music with the Focus on Mexico Family at Manix Restaurant. It is a night to make friends with other FOM alumni, where you’ll be able to learn more and share personal experiences in a pleasant, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, as well as enjoying a delicious dinner and dancing. This will be a night to remember with great food, fabulous entertainment and wonderful company. So don’t forget your dancing shoes! As alumni Bill & Debbie Reynolds said, “The food is, of course, amazing! What else can we say about Manix…Super fun!!!”

The rest of your time and activities may be your own personal exploration, visits to places of interest for you…or an opportunity to schedule other trips or tours all with the personal support from A la Carte Concierge Services.

Your Focus on Mexico A la Carte tour guide offers personalized service and will be available to you at all times during your stay in the Lake Chapala area. They can attend festivals and events together with you, provide guide services, assist with communication in various ways, and participate in cultural exchanges. Prices will vary based on destination and length of trip/event. If there’s something special you would like to do…like visit the town of Tequila, the balnearios (hot thermal springs), Foco Tonal (identified as a power spot of Cosmic Energy) …or more, let us know. Please talk to your tour guide immediately upon arrival, or write to her in advance so she has time to find out the details toschedule any additional trips.

With Ala Carte Concierge Services you can, as you wish, be covered from your arrival at the airport until the last day of your departure.  From  the moment of your arrival, Kira and Ana will make your trip an unforgettable one by always exceeding your expectations.

You will not find a more comprehensive, tailor-made tour anywhere else that will respond to your needs the way that Focus on Mexico will. We combine learning and fun in one affordable design-your-own package that will help you make the right decision for the ‘best of your life!” You will meet other FOM alumni who have already lived the experience, and you will fall in love with with the serene energy that is Lake Chapala.

As Dorothy Cole says, "This is an in-depth program that included everything I need or puts me in touch with those who can answer my questions about relocating to this area. This is invaluable. I have all the resources I need to make my move to this area. EVERYTHING."

As alumni and residents, Vern & Kathleen Carlson, said, “We can unequivocally say that the benefits of taking the course exceeded our expectations. All of the questions we had in our minds before visiting Lake Chapala were answered.”

For further information about retiring or investing in this beautiful corner of Mexico, or to book your program, please contact Kira Byerly at

Please contact us with your personal choices for your program. To ensure your place on our next tour scheduled in February,book now…the programs fill up fast.

Please contact KIRA BYERLY ( for FULL DETAILS.   




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