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  • As Mexico continues to be berated with negative media coverage, it’s important to realize the media mindset: If it bleeds, it leads! Of course, bad things are happening in Mexico…but bad things are happening everywhere. It’s not the world we grew up in, and it can be a little scary. When you live in California and hear about crime in Philadelphia, it goes in one ear and out the other. But when the media reports bad news about Mexico, it paints the whole country with the same paintbrush.

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  • Is Mexico Safe To Visit
    Ladies at Table“Is Mexico safe to visit?” is a question that not only am I asked quite often but a question that I see popping up all across the internet as well. And due to the fact that, just about ten days ago, I finished leading my two-week Wander Across Mexico tour, a tour that involved me taking a group of ten fellow travelers around this very country, I figured this would be a good time to bring the topic up on my blog.
    Safety in Mexico Reality vs Sensationalist Media Hype
    Beach in MexicoIn the last few months, I have had the good fortune to visit Mexico a couple of times. For a single mom whose family and friends have no problem with me romping around Buenos Aires, taking my young kids to the Amazon, or climbing mountains in Africa, I cannot say that I was sufficiently prepared for the distinct reaction I got when people heard I was going to Mexico
    Mexico Maligned
    MyopiaIf you look up myopia in thefreedictionary. com you will find it defined as ” . . .a visual defect in which distant objects appear blurred because their images are focused in front of the retina rather than on it; nearsightedness.”   What you won’t find there, but probably should, are pictures of almost every major U.S. cable and broadcast news network.
    Mexico Is Booming Again

    Mexico Is Booming AgainThe number of national and foreign tourists who visited Mexico in 2011 reached of close to 190 million, 3.7% over 2010, informed the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR). The US hotel chain AMResorts, will invest 400 million dollars in Mexico to open three new luxury hotels, two in Puerto Vallarta and one in Cancun. The mining sector could invest close to four billion dollars in new projects, expansions, technology, training, environment and modernizations in 2012, similar to its investment in 2011, said the Mining Chamber of Mexico (CAMIMEX).

    Why I Love Mexico

    Nancy in MazatlanSince I have traveled in Mexico for many years – and now live in Mexico – I thought that instead of discussing all the negative press Mexico has been getting lately, I would tell you why I love it here.

    Mexican Auto Industry News for 2012 2013

    Auto Plants Hit the GasNew trade deals and low-cost labor have made Mexico a profitable base for car production. It's also attracting other parts of the auto-supply chain, from steel mills to brake makers, as the "made in mexico" trend grows. Six years ago, Mexico was the world's ninth largest exporter of cars. Today the country is ranked fourth behind Germany, Japan and South Korea with exports expected to total more than 2.14 million vehicles this year.

    Other News About Mexico for New Year 2012-2013
    Legions shutter across CanOther News About Mexico for New Year 2012-2013
    News Summary from Mexico Today for 2013
    Mexico TodayNews Summary from Mexico Today for 2012-2013
    16 Positive Things About Mexico

    Positive Things About MexicoFor anyone who has not been to Mexico (and/or who tells other people not to go because of what they see on the 6 o’clock news), please think twice. I have been traveling to Mexico for more than 20 years and will continue to travel to Mexico for the next 20 years, unless we end up moving there first!

    Mexico News Summary May 2012

    Robert Redford talks at summitAcclaimed American actor, director and environmentalist Robert Redford, an invited guest of the World Travel & Tourism Council Americas Summit, brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to Thursday morning’s sessions, entertaining the audience with stories of growing up as a rebellious kid in a working-class Los Angeles neighborhood, his rise to superstardom and his longstanding connection to Mexico.

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