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    What will the how to procedures provide for you?

    This section will help you find out how to do the everyday things such as getting a telephone, setting up your electrical connections, etc..

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  • Appling for IMSS
    IMSS LogoLearn how to apply for IMSS in Lake Chapala. The  Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) offers a low-cost health care option for foreigners resettling in Mexico. IMSS is comparable to Canada’s or Great Britain’s national health systems.
    Applying for DIF
    DIF LogoLearn how to apply for DIF in Lake Chapala Mexico.
    Calling in Mexico
    Calling within MexicoYou are living somewhere in the Lake Chapala area and want to call someone here in Mexico or back in the USA or Canada. The prefixes you need to dial depend on where you are and what kind of phone you are using (land-lines vs. cell phones).
    Driving to Different Places
    Driving to different places btn  Learn how to drive to different places from Lake Chapala Mexico.
    Getting a Contract with CFE
    Electrical Contract btn  In this section you learn how to get an Electrical Contract with CFE in Lake Chapala.
    Getting a Mexican Driving License
    Driving in MexicoLearn how to get a Mexican Driving License. Tourists may drive with an international license or the driver's license of their own country. Check and make sure your license doesn't expire while you're out of the country.
    Getting a Phone
    Getting a Phone btn  Phones are readily available in the Lake Chapala Area. This section gives you the information to help you decide what type of service you need.
    Getting High Speed Internet
    Getting the Internet btnIn this section you learn how to get High Speed Internet in Lake Chapala.
    Getting Mail in Mexico
    Post Office Box btn  Learn how to get your mail in Mexico
    Getting TV in Lake Chapala
    Satellite TV btn  In this section you learn the various options for getting TV in Lake Chapala.
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