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  •  Prices and Dates

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      Closed Programs 2014 2015 

    Price of Program and What is included?

    Registration Fee of $790 US (+ $590 for second person) includes:

    • Six Days (Sunday to Saturday - Final evening Friday - check out on Saturday). (Note: If you want to take advantage of the optional A la Carte tour to Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque on Sunday before registration, you will need to arrive on the Saturday). We also recommend staying over a couple of days to explore the area on your own.
    • Welcome Cocktail reception (including snacks and drinks) and registration starting at 5:00 p.m. at the Real de Chapala hotel lobby (Sunday evening)
    • Resource Materials - Comprehensive Workbook, Handouts, Driving to Mexico Kit, ‘Moving your Stuff’ to Mexico Instruction Book, Certificate to sit in on Seminars again for free
    • Presentations by Experts: Health Care, Hospitals/Doctors/Health Insurance Options, Living Lakeside, Safety/Crime, Legal, Cost of Living, U.S. Taxes, Canadian Non-Residency, Mexican Economy, Investing in Mexico, Immigration Visas, Moving, Doing Business in Mexico, Bringing Pets, Financing, Title Insurance, Currency Exchange, Real Estate - Renting or Buying, Financial Planning re Moving to Mexico, Owning Foreign Plated Vehicles
    • Coffee breaks
    • Outings: Two Area and Housing Tour excursions  (Note: optional outings available a-la-carte provided by Kira's Concierge Services.)
    • Two lunches included in price with above excursions
    • FAQ session
    • Private time for individual viewings and/or appointments
    • Farewell Mexican Fiesta party at Casa Bullock including dinner and drinks. Surprise ending.
    • Activities info sheet including recommended Restaurants and Entertainment
    • Focus Alumni website access (after the program)
      How To's for when you are ready to make the move.
      Focus ‘a-la-carte’ services: getting Mexican Driver’s License, Gov’t Discount Card
    • Contact information for Expert Speakers, plus growing list of recommended local providers
    • Free monthly Newsletter
    • Eligible to join our Focus Group Health Insurance Plan with Best Doctors, a fantastic Private Health Care Group Plan for $1090 per year. Can join up to age 74 years plus 11 months. No waiting period. Pre-existing conditions accepted after 12 months.
    • Eligible, as Focus Alumni, for the Focus Benefit Card offering amazing local Discounts
    • Focus representative assigned to be your liaison to help you make the transition to living in Mexico
    • Optional outings during program via Focus ‘a-la-carte’ services


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      Focus respects your privacy. Your email address and contact information will never be shared with a third party without your consent. Note: If you change your email address, please notify us immediately at

      To Contact Focus

      Calling from the U.S. dial: 1-210-745-14041-210-745-1404
      Calling from Canada, dial: 1-416-619-93101-416-619-9310 

  • Additional Information

    A La Carte ServicesA-La-Carte Concierge Services

    With the introduction of our Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning programs, we now offer A-La-Carte Concierge services so you can customize the program to meet your requirements and budget. Access the full list of optional 'A-la-Carte Services' or email

    Booking a RoomAlthough accommodation is not included in the price of the Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program, we have negotiated with the Real de Chapala hotel ( to offer our preferred Focus room rate of $1200 pesos ($90 to $95 US) during the program. The rate is for up to two people in the room and includes a full breakfast. This is most convenient since the seminars will be held at the hotel. The booking function on the hotel website is currently not functioning, so for your convenience we have created a Hotel Booking Form that goes directing to the hotel. Or you can call the hotel directly to book your room. Phone: 011-52-376-766-0014  Contact Person: Luz Elena Urciaga Herrera at:

    We can also provide you with our list of recommended B & B’s or for longer stays, recommended Property Managers. To request, email

    We do suggest extending your stay a couple of days past the program dates. This will allow you to explore on your own, once you have had the benefit of the program and all the information under your belt.

    Booking a FlightTo check out flights and best routes, we suggest going to Just put in the airport closest to you and "GDL" (for Guadalajara) for your destination and it will give you a list of all flights, the prices and routes for you to choose from. The airport is only a half hour from Lake Chapala. Just outside the airport you will find Taxi stands that are regulated and taxis are available for all incoming flights. Just give them the name of the place you will be staying in Lake Chapala. Best to have the name of the hotel or B & B, the address and the phone number written on a piece of paper to avoid language barriers.

    The program commences on Sunday evening at 5 p.m. with registration followed by a Cocktail Party. If possible, you may wish to arrive on the Saturday which will allow you to acclimatize before the program starts and also to partake in the optional A-La-Carte outing to Guadalajara on Sunday. The program ends on Friday evening so you can book your return flight on Saturday. However, we do recommend you stay over an extra day or so to explore on your own. Most people do and enjoy the extra time very much.

  • Client Comments

    Sandy & Lee Schoon, June 19-26, 2010 "Worth every penny. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of moving to Mexico". Great information to learn about living in Mexico. Don't reinvent the wheel. Focus has put a lot of time and yeSandy and Lee Schoon June 19 - 26 2010ars into putting together the necessary information for living in Mexico, from buying, renting, taxes, residence status, investing, moving, etc. Worth every penny and highly recommend to anyone thinking of moving to Mexico. Focus also showed us the culture of the Mexican people. they are friendly and warm to everyone. We felt more safe there than in our home area of Phoenix.

    Brad and Mary Phelps - Feb 2-9, 2008 Thank you for changing our lives.  Since you and Ray had a strong influence on our interest in Lakeside and our desire to move here - plus so many of your kind words Brad-Mary-Phelpsover the last 3 years since we have taken your Focus program, we wanted to let you know that our house in Colorado sold and the closing was yesterday morning.  It was the last of our many 'attachments' north of the border.

    You'll remember that after our first visit here on your program just over three years ago we thought we'd be able to fly home, list our mountain cabin and sell it easily, do a little fix-up on our home and sell it and either sell or close out our business and move here in about a year.  Even in an ideal economy those were pretty ambitious plans but we had a dream.  So it took 3 years instead of one.  On this side of it - not so bad.

    We did have a dream.  With everything that we learned from Focus from the very beginning we've been able to make conscious and informed decisions about the steps we needed to take to make this our new home.  We now enjoy a lifestyle far different than anything we had or could have imagined before we visited here.  Had it not been for you and Ray and all the information that you provided through Focus and the people we've met as a result of Focus and the many times over that those people and connections have expanded and doubled to provide even more answers - I can't imagine trying to get to this point and place in time without you.

    I haven't told you this in quite some time but it is heart felt.  Thank you for changing our lives.
    Our love,
    Brad & Mary

     Elizabeth and John Moody June 19 - 26 2010John & Elizabeth Moody, June 19 - 26, 2010"If anyone is thinking of retiring in Mexico, please consider this program for your own peace of mind." They supplied everything they promised, everything that we asked for and all kinds of things we didn't even think to ask for. I cannot imagine coming to Mexico to live, without having come on this program. The things you must know are all here. Every question is answered. Everything you need help with, you will receive. And they offer ongoing relocation services support (all in the price of the program) to help us make a smooth transition. We couldn't have asked for more.
     Bob Wagner Apr 17 - 24 2010Bob Wagner, Apr 17 - 24, 2010  "This week has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had in all my travels. Would recommend the Focus program to everyone." Excellent! The amount of practical information EXCEEDED my greatest expectations. I can't thik of anything that you overlooked. I came away with a new appreciation for all that Mexico offers. The program was fantastic and the speakers were great; very knowledgeable and professional in their particular fields. If you are considering Mexico, this program is a MUST.