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    Real Estate Listings - Ajijic, Lake Chapala Mexico 


    SEARCH MLS and See all Properties for Sale in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. CLICK the MLS link below and start your search.


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    NOTE: is currently being overhauled. In the meantime, tell us what your criteria is and we'll send you a list of properties that match. Or ask about specific properties. Check out our Homes for Sale section on Focus.

    MLS Lake Chapala MexicoClick the MLS Logo. Then simply select your criteria and click search and instantly a list of properties matching your criteria will appear. For more information about the property, click on the MLS number and a Listing Sheet will open. Under the picture, you can also click on more photos and a new window opens with more pictures of the property. Contact Focus for more information.You can also go to MLS through

    Although this will give you some idea of values, it is of course very difficult when you aren’t familiar with the areas and neighborhoods. To assist you in getting a better feel for this, click on our:  Interactive Map of the Lake Chapala areas.

    For additional information or questions about any of these properties or real estate in general, we invite you to email us at

    Things to consider which affect prices of properties in the Lake Chapala area:

      • Age, condition and location are big factors in pricing, just like they are anywhere.
      • Our villages are 450 years old and, therefore, in some areas, you will find the very old along side the very new.
      • The more desirable the location the higher the price.
      • Micro Climate where 90% of the foreign population choose to live.

    We welcome your questions regarding real estate properties for sale in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. There is a lot to know and Focus on Mexico is your authority in Lake Chapala. Sign Up for a Focus on Mexico 8 Day Learning Adventure  to get all the information on all topics of interest. We keep you out of trouble and help you make a good investment. Check out Real Estate Law in Mexico.