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Auto Insurance In Mexico

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  • Be aware!  Your north of the border insurance STOPS at the border.  You will need to obtain Mexican car insurance to cover your vehicle while driving in Mexico.

    Car Insurance in Mexico Mandatory

    Mandatory  automobile liability insurance became law in Jalisco  October 4, 1999.  Vehicle insurance in Mexico is similar to north of  the border.  Full coverage includes collision, fire, total theft, glass  (subject to deductible) and liability insurance.  One major  difference is the amount of liability insurance; you will find the  coverage needed to be lower than back home as the court rewards are  much lower.  Many policies also include accident protection, road  service (i.e. towing) reimbursement.  Focus recommends that you get full comprehensive coverage when traveling to and driving in Mexico.
    No matter what the coverage you choose, be sure the policy includes legal and adjuster coverage.  This is absolutely invaluable if you are involved in an accident.   Small fender benders normally are settled with an offer to pay cash –  could be $50 to $200 US., depending on the damage and your negotiating skills.
    If  you have an accident involving injury, you will need legal  representation.  In these cases, it is normal  that the vehicle(s) be impounded until fault is determined.  Your  Lawyer will look after your legal rights and arrange a bond. 

    Make sure your policy covers direct payment by the Lawyer of any bonds required.

    Some companies only offer re-imbursement, which is useless if you don’t  happen to have the cash on hand and cannot get it immediately locally.  (Credit cards don’t often work; remember Mexico is a cash society.) Note!  If your car has a financial lien against it, it will be necessary to  get written permission from the lender in order to bring it into Mexico.  


    The following documentation is required in order to obtain insurance:

    • Title of the vehicle (registration)                                                                                              
    • Driver’s license of all persons to be insured on the policy
    • Either a Passport, Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente
    • Address outside of Mexico


  • Novamar Auto Insurance

    Auto Insurance 

    Tourist Auto (US & Canadian license plates) and Resident Auto Policies (Mexican License Plates) at the Best Price and Coverage for Americans and Canadians in Mexico. 

    Novamar Insurance Mexico, (MIM) continues to work on behalf of the expat community here in Mexico.

    See what options are available for auto insurance... 

    Included in all Mexican liability insurance coverage policies:                                                                                                            
    1. Civil Liability -This coverage protects you in the event you cause bodily injury or  property damage to third parties. Coverage is available up to $300,000  U.S. Combined Single Limit for damages you do to others. BEWARE OF  OTHER MEXICO INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO USE LOWER SPLIT LIMITS, I.E.  40/80/40. Lower split limits reduce the amount of payment for certain  types of losses.
    2. Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance - Our policy will pay to assist you in the event you need to deal with  Authorities following a covered cause of loss. BEWARE OF OTHER MEXICO  INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO DO NOT INCLUDE THIS COVERAGE IN THEIR PROGRAM. 
    3. Medical Expense for Occupants - Our policy will pay medical expenses of the driver and occupants of  the vehicle in Mexico for injuries sustained in a covered cause of  loss. Mexico car liability insurance coverage is available up to $5,000  for each injured party but not more than $25,000 for all occupants  combined. Not included in MOTORCYCLE policies.
    Optional Physical Damage Coverages:                                                                              
    1. Property Damage to Your Vehicle - This coverage includes Collision, Turnover, Fire, Lightning,  Explosion, and certain meteorological events, among other coverages.  Note that "Comprehensive" coverage as known in the U.S. is not  available in Mexico.
    2. Total Theft -  This coverage includes Total Theft of the vehicle. Note that partial  theft coverage is not available from most Mexican insurers.

    Have a good trip - drive safely