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Roads in Mexico

roads in mexicoDriving in Mexico can be a great experience and, generally, there is no reason to be concerned about bringing your vehicle to Mexico.  The stories you've heard about not being able to get insurance, banditos, roads in terrible shape, etc., are highly exaggerated or simply not true in most cases, unless you are the adventurous type and like to travel on the back roads – not recommended.

The Mexico roads system has improved vastly over the past number of years with modern, multi-lane toll roads (cuotas) more common in the more populated areas of Mexico.  Generally speaking, the highways are excellent and are equal to many major highways in Canada or the U.S. and expanding rapidly.  We drive back and forth to the U.S. and Canada regularly and 80 to 85% are excellent roads.


Toll Roads (Cuotas)

When you drive to Mexico the first time, it is highly recommended you use the toll roads.  Many of the free roads can be narrow and windy and congested with slow-moving trucks.

At most toll gates, there are clean, well equipped washrooms and snack bars, which is another big plus when traveling in an area you're not familiar with.

Tolls on the cuotas (toll roads) are less than $100 USD, but well worth the expense. (There are times when you will almost be the only vehicle on the road, since the tolls are considered high priced by Mexican standards.)

Be sure to bring pesos with you when you cross the border. Except for the major resort towns, Mexico is a peso economy, and you won't be able to use your U.S. or Canadian dollars at the toll booths or gas stations.

By the way, not only are the toll roads good, but you also have the benefit of the ‘little green angels.
Our program has been so successful, because we've "been there; done that" and we also know which expert to ask to keep you in sync with current laws, regulations and practices. If you're thinking about moving to Mexico full or part time, you really have to come on a Focus on Mexico program. I guarantee there's not a better program out there where you will learn so much in eight days and have fun doing it!


Green Angels of Mexico

Green Angels patrol the highwaysTo help motorists on major highways, the Mexican Tourism Ministry operates a fleet of more than 275 radio-dispatched pickup trucks, known as the Angeles Verdes, or Green Angels. Similar to the AAA in the U.S., they patrol fixed sections of the major highway routes – daily, from dawn until sunset. The bilingual drivers provide mechanical help, first aid, radio-telephone communication, basic supplies and small parts, towing, tourist information, and protection.

The “Green Angels Corporation” has been an important part of Mexico's tourist service since 1960, and has distinguished Mexico worldwide for the assistance, information and tourist help provided through this corporation to the national and foreign tourists that travel by road to different destinations of our country.

Services provided by Green Angels:

  • Mechanic assistance and emergency radio communication.
  • Aid in case of accident.
  • Advice and information on the destinies (maps), services and tourist attractions of the state and regional.

If you have an emergency while driving, the services they provide are FREE of charge unless your vehicle needs parts or fuel. Even though the services are free, it would be appropriate to give them a tip, depending on how much they did for you; it is always extremely appreciated. If for some reason you need assistance call “060” (Mexico’s version of 911) or if you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift the hood of your car; chances are good they will find you.

The Green Angels patrol daily, from dawn until sunset

  • The Green Angels suggest for your driving trip:
    • Check your spare tire, tools and car jack
    • Check the engine oil
    • Check the electric, and cooling  system of your vehicle
    • Drive safely, respect the signs and avoid high speed
    • Don’t drive if you are tired
    • Don’t drink and drive
    • Use your seatbelt
    • Do not litter, please

Remember: “Travel safely to your destiny, the Green Angels, guard your road, for them serving you is a privilege.”




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