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    We are pleased to announce that Focus on Mexico has partnered with Mariners Insurance to put together a Focus Insurance plan for our clients, whether living in Lake Chapala or any location in Mexico. This includes Private Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Home Insurance. We invite you to join the Focus Plan! Be sure to tell Mariners when you contact them that you want the Focus Plan.

  • Novamar Auto Insurance

    Auto Insurance 

    Tourist Auto (US & Canadian license plates) and Resident Auto Policies (Mexican License Plates) at the Best Price and Coverage for Americans and Canadians in Mexico. 

    Novamar Insurance Mexico, (MIM) continues to work on behalf of the expat community here in Mexico.

    See what options are available for auto insurance... 


    Vehicle Insurance in Mexico

    If you are visiting Mexico, Tourist Vehicle insurance is available for your American or Canadian vehicle. Residency Auto insurance is available once you become a resident and own a Mexico-registered vehicle.  

    Caution: Don’t buy your vehicle insurance at the border or you will pay too much.  

    Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance?

    If you will be driving an Auto in Mexico, you need to know that the vehicle insurance coverage you rely on daily at home does not protect you once you cross the international border. As the US State Department advises on its web site: 

    U.S. automobile liability insurance is not valid in Mexico, nor is most collision and comprehensive coverage issued by U.S. companies. Motor vehicle insurance is considered invalid in Mexico if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


    Mexico Auto Insurance Tourist Policy Features

    Policy features for personal-use vehicles registered outside Mexico, while traveling in Mexico: 

    Note: for motorhomes and RV's, only liability coverage is available 

    • Collision and upset/material damage 
    • Total loss 
    • Third party liability 
    • Medical coverage per passenger 
    • Legal assistance 
    • Roadside assistance 


    Mexico–Registered Vehicle Policy Features

    Features of our auto insurance for Mexico–registered vehicles 

    • Collision and upset/material damage in Mexico, USA, and Canada 
    • Total loss in Mexico, USA, and Canada 
    • Third party liability in Mexico, USA and Canada 
    • Medical coverage per passenger in Mexico, USA and Canada 
    • Driver A&H coverage 
    • Legal assistance in Mexico 
    • Roadside assistance in Mexico, USA and Canada 
    • Towing due to mechanical breakdown 
    • Luggage loss anywhere 
    • Rental car in Mexico 
    • Transportation to destination in Mexico 
    • Messages urgent transmission 
    • Medical assistance over the phone 
    • No deductible in total loss and net premium reimbursement 
    • In case of total loss, 10% additional vehicle value added to sum insured 

    These features, backed by these insurance companies, along with their English language service and your policy in English, make their car insurance package the best vehicle insurance available for Mexico–resident Americans and Canadians. 

    Note: We compared the cost of car insurance for a new 2012 BMW with Mexican plates:  

    ·         Chapala company: $21,000 pesos 

    ·          Mariners Agency: $12,600 pesos 

  • Novamar Auto Insurance 

    Home and Condo Insurance 

    Unique Homeowners Insurance Programs for Mexico Stand Alone Houses, Condominiums and Renters.

    Learn more about home and condo insurance..


    Home Insurance in Mexico: Features

    Taken from Mariners Website: 

    “We pioneered delivery of service and policies in English for home insurance in Mexico. An easy to read English language policy translation provides peace of mind. We did not stop there. Mariners Insurance Mexico has negotiated the following unique features for your home located anywhere in Mexico. 

    • Hurricane coverage without seasonal restrictions (Lake Chapala does not get hurricanes) 
    • USA lawsuit liability coverage (if sued in US court) 
    • No deductible except for catastrophic loss 

    The Mariners Mexico™ Homeowners Program offers the only insurance product that protects the buyer's investment and lender's interest in the event of total loss. Mariners Mexico™ homeowner's policies are underwritten by GMX Seguros. 

    Limitations and Restrictions

    This coverage is available anywhere in Mexico only for solidly constructed buildings, not for homes with wood ceilings or walls.” 

    Major Coverage Features

    All-Risk Home Insurance

    • ·         Catastrophic coverage (for hurricanes (hydrometerological phenomena) and earthquakes) available year-round 
    • ·         USA lawsuit liability 
    • ·         Domestic Third Party liability 
    • ·         Debris removal 
    • ·         Extra expenses 
    • ·         Electrical domestic equipment 
    • ·         Theft - authentic 
    • ·         Money and securities 
    • ·         Glass breakage 
    • ·         Assault and/or robbery outside your home 
    • ·         Jewelry and valuable objects 
    • ·         Personal clothing in custody of laundry or alteration 
    • ·         NO DEDUCTIBLE: Only in catastrophic coverage: hydrometeorological phenomena & earthquake 
    • ·         Emergency services, such as plumbing, locksmith, electricity, legal assistance and funeral expenses 
    • ·         Policies in English and Spanish