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  • Natural and Alternative Medicine in Lake ChapalaThere is no shortage of  alternative medicine in Lake Chapala... naturopathic and homeopathic facilities are available with highly qualified practitioners. Their prices are extremely reasonable. You will also find BioResonance Therapy, detoxification, and massage therapy in Chapala just to mention a few.

    Also many of the herbs used in natural remedies are locally available in the tianguis (local open air market).  Several local stores also provide natural products either made locally or imported.

    And there are Spa Clinics where you can even go and stay for rejuvenation and treatments.


    Another side to health care in Chapala

    On the lakeside there is another side to health than just the medical facilities.  We have natural thermal waters in San Juan Cosala (a little village next to Ajijic).  Natural swimming pools of varying sizes and temperatures, filled with therapeutic hot springs, bring numbers of people looking for relief from arthritis, rheumatism, stress, fatigue and insomnia, and, rumor has it, these natural waters even help heal fractures.

     Natural thermal waters in San Juan Cosalá 

    A highlight on our Focus on Mexico programs is when we take you to the mysterious Monte Coxala Spa & Pyramids in San Juan Cosala. Therapeutic hot thermal waters surface from the ground. These thermal waters are full of curative and spiritual properties. In a bygone era, Romans frequented hot springs and believed that, upon submersion, their evils were released and they were able to stay healthy and lucid in their daily lives. What a great revelation it is to affirm that such beliefs were not totally wrong. Even in the twenty-first century, things haven't changed. The power of seduction that provokes people to bathe themselves in these thermal waters continues even today.

    Living Lakeside Offers No-Stress Way of Life

    Living on the lakeside offers an active but relaxed, no-stress way of life.  A dear friend of ours once said: “If you are happy, you are healthy.”  Living in a warm climate with sunshine 365 days a year with clean fresh air and virtually no humidity (not to mention no cold or snow), together with a slower ‘stress-free’ lifestyle and lots of smiles is by far the best remedy available for a healthy life.  We have heard again and again from countless people that they feel better here and don’t seem to have the same aches and pains they had back home. 

    If you come on a “8-Day Focus On Mexico Program,” you’ll also hear stories like spiritual health in participating in a Temazcal (sweat lodge – traditional Aztec cleansing ceremony).  And my favorite story of all is how Bromite(a haze sometimes showing over the lake) is the real reason people feel happier and healthier and have less stress in their lives. 

    Personal Experience - Marie Dwyer-Bullock  

    "A Curandera Reveals Traditional Aztec Secrets of Physical and Spiritual Health" by Elena Avila with Joy Parker

    Curandera’s Concept of Medicine and Wellness:"Curanderismo is an earthy, natural, grounded healthcare system that seeks to keep all of the elements of our being in balance.  Curanderos (or healers) believe that human beings—along with animals, plants, minerals, water, earth, air, and fire—are all part of the living earth system.  Illness occurs when one does not live in harmony with all aspects of self and nature." 

    I had just finished this marvelous book about two days before an appointment with Dr. Barbara Rotthaler, my alternative medicine doctor and good friend.  Barbara told me about an upcoming Temazcal (sweat lodge – traditional Aztec cleansing ceremony) ritual that she was attending with a number of other women and invited me to go along. It was an experience of a lifetime. 

    Salud! (Good Health) And we really do hope you will join us on one of our “Focus on Mexico Programs” in Lake Chapala—a place where you can really enjoy the best years of your life in health and in happiness.

  • A Different approach to arthritis
    Barbara RotthalerArthritic pain is one of the major complaints of people over the age of 60 and for many it seems to be almost normal and natural to have some sort of pain and stiffness. I dare to say that arthritis, like many other illnesses, has its cause in our modern sedentary life style and unhealthy eating habits.
    Acupuncture for Pain Relief
    Beatriz GallagherETPS (Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation) is a Neuro-Mechanical Acupuncture which does not use needles as traditional acupuncture does. It is the newest form of therapy being used to combat chronic pain and acute pain. Is a non-invasive therapy applying concentrated form of low frequency to acupuncture points, to motor/trigger points and also on contracted muscles with the help of a hand held device, similar to a TENS machine.
    An Holistic Approach to the Flu
    colds and fluAlternative medicine views the body as a whole functioning system: It also applies to colds and flu. In this article I want to introduce you to the alternative approach of colds and flu.
    Antibiotics and the holistic approach to infections
    Barbara RotthalerBy now it has been established that as a result of using antibiotics frequently, more and more bacteria and germs are becoming resistant to these antibiotics. Laboratories are developing new types of antibiotics, but do we know if they will be the same potent bacteria killers for future infections?
    BoneTapping Massage and Treatment of Osteoporosis
    BONE TAPPINGA few years ago we had a very interesting visitor here at Lakeside: Dr. Meir Schneider, Ph.D. LMT, an international health educator, therapist and founder of the San Francisco School for Self-Healing. While he was giving lectures and workshops, he presented a very encouraging treatment for osteoporosis.
    Curanderismo and its Concept of Healing
    Curanderismo and its Concept of HealingCompared to Western medicine, curanderismo is healing done in sacred, spiritual ways, incorporating body, mind, and emotions, but also soul and spirit. It is one of the basic beliefs of Curanderismo that “soul loss” is the cause of many diseases: emotional traumas, dysfunctional families.
    Healers of Mexico Curanderos and Curanderas
    CurenderosCurenderos are very religious and very spiritual and believe you have to have God in your heart to be a true healer. I was very moved by the conversations in these stories…I felt it was an eye-opening experience. In fact, I have to say the whole experience of being with someone who feels the power of God in their hands.
    High Blood Pressure and Tai Chi

    High Blood Pressure and Tai ChiWay back in 2003, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine’s Oct. 9th issue reported a study finding that Tai Chi “could decrease blood pressure and results in favorable lipid profile changes and improve subjects' anxiety status. Therefore, Tai Chi could be used as an alternative modality in treating patients with mild hypertension, with a promising economic effect.”


    No Needle Acupuncture
    Acupuncture with no NeedlesIn Focus on Mexico we experience the joy of meeting lots of wonderful people who come on our Focus on Mexico Program and who have enriched our lives in many ways. Every individual who makes Lake Chapala their home offers our community their knowledge and personal experience to enhance our wonderful lives in our pocket of paradise.
    Ozone and Chelation Therapies
    Ozone and ChelationOzone therapy has a 100% clinical efficiency in treating bacterially and virally produced diseases thanks to its strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties; diseases associated with hypoxia symptoms thanks to its beneficial effect on the transport and release of oxygen through the tissues and oxygen-dependent processes; circulatory disorders.
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  • 10 Simple Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life

    Live a less stressful life “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”  - George F. Burns  Stress is a major problem for many people — a hectic, stressful job, a chaotic home life, bills to worry about, and bad habits such as unhealthy eating, drinking and smoking can lead to a mountain of stress.



    21 Foods That Will Reduce Pain

    21 Foods That Will Reduce PainChronic pain can really deter you from doing even your routine activities. Anyone who suffers from any kind of chronic pain can surely tell you how difficult it is sometimes to get up from the bed in the morning because back or knee or neck has 'pins' in it.  Inflammatory cascades also cause many adverse effects causing soft tissue and even internal organs to swell, resulting in pain, discomfort and sometimes even hospitalization.


    7 Herbs That Deter Flies Naturally

    Herbs that repel bugsI have always disliked flies. I just didn't know how much until we moved to acreage and began to raise chickens and goats. An irritation with flies turned into a hatred of them. It was a giant battle to keep them out of the kitchen. I even hired a couple of my children as hit men...a penny a fly. That probably would have worked pretty well except I failed to figure in the over-zealousness of children.

    8 Natural Mosquito Repellents
    Mosquito RepellentsBefore you grab that DEET-based mosquito repellent, consider using a natural option instead. DEET, also known as diethyl-meta-toluamide, by any other name still stinks. And research proves that the main ingredient in commercial mosquito repellents leaves more than a bad odor.  According to a Duke University study, it damages brain cells, can cause behavioural changes, and can have harmful interactions with some medications.  The scientists also observed that it caused brain cell death in animals frequently exposed to or after prolonged use of DEET.
    A different look at Flu epidemics
    Flu epidemicsThis year the USA and many other countries worldwide are facing several health challenges: flu epidemics, outbreaks of a new type of norovirus and a severe whooping cough. More people than ever are sick this winter, including those who got their flu vaccination. The recommendations for flu shots reaches a high point even though many studies have shown that flu vaccination don’t offer much in terms of protection.
    Activating The Lazy Bowel

      Activating the Lazy BowelConstipation is the number one digestive problem. More than a third of the population - particularly women are affected. Conventional medicine defines constipation as fewer than two or three bowel movements a week. One to three BMs a day are normal and healthy. A poor diet, lack of exercise, a stressful, hectic lifestyle or emotional issues are usually the common causes. The problem is still a taboo subject for many people. But regularity is so important for our overall health because without it, toxins accumulate in the intestines and then get reabsorbed into the  bloodstream.

    Aerobic Exercises Around The Home
    Cleaning while exercisingExactly How Many Calories Do I Burn Cleaning? On average you burn 200 calories per hour doing household cleaning.  Depending on the particular activity you are performing, the answer to the question, “How many calories do I burn cleaning?” may vary quite a bit. You can burn anywhere from an estimated 50 to as many as 200 calories in a short half hour of cleaning.  Aerobic Exercises Around The Home covers ways to save time and money by turning common household chores into a fitness exercise program.
    Alkaline water

    Alkaline waterA few weeks ago a device to produce alkaline water was introduced to our community. The promoters are claiming that it is the cure for all sorts of illnesses. Since that I have been asked many times what do I think from the point of Natural Medicine about that “curing water.”   My first answer is, yes it is important for our health to have a balance between alkalinity and acidity and to get rid of over acidity by increasing alkaline forming foods and drinks.

    Barbara Rotthaler Alt Med
    Breast Cancer Awareness

     Whole regulatory system in our bodyAs probably many of you noticed:  October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because I have never heard it before,  I was curious, what it is and what is the meaning of it.I thought it will be a wide spread information for us how we  can prevent breast cancer, what we can  they do for early detection and what are the appropriate treatments.  I looked up English and German Websites but all what I found was  promotion of  mammograms – a real propaganda nation and world wide.

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