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Well Wishes Home in Lake Chapala Mexico

Well Wishes Home Front Entry  by Karen McConnaughey
A new luxury for retirement living   

The greatest fear my mother had was being put into a nursing home. That is one worry that never happened. She got sick on a Thursday and died on a Sunday. Hard for me, but I was so happy for her.

None of us ‘like’ the thought of a nursing home, but I feel comforted knowing they are an option…just in case I get old and infirm…that will never happen, right? From our lips to God’s ears!  Unfortunately, according to research, at least 70 percent of people over 65 will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lifetime.

As one web site states, “You may have concerns about being able to live at home after cancer treatment. Perhaps you have a temporary or permanent physical change or a broader need for assistance with health and personal care. If home health care is not an option, it may be time to consider assisted living or nursing home facilities that provides care in a residential atmosphere.”

Also, “the socioeconomic and cultural revolution triggered by the baby boomers generation, which the nation has been experiencing since the ’60s, has entered into its final cycle: retirement. True to form, their gradual arrival unto the retirement scene since the turn of the 21st century, with an average 8,000 turning 60 every single day, has changed the traditional concept of retirement/old folk’s homes.” A lot of them are no longer your “mother’s nursing hoClaudia Navarro Manager of Well Wishesme!”

Some members of our Focus on Mexico team had the pleasure of visiting one of the newest Retirement and Assisted Living homes in the Lake Chapala area, Well Wishes, located in Chula Vista Norte.We were given a tour by Claudia Navarro, Manager of the home.  It was so lovely, and so big AND cozy at the same time that I seriously wanted to put my name in for a room…some 25 years in the future if I am so fortunate! 

As Forbes stated in their article about retirement homes, “In some ways, retirement living still has an image problem; many people think of older-adult communities as staid, middlebrow and even slightly depressing. But these days, members of the 55-and-over club can choose to live in age-restricted settings that most Americans would envy, complete with elegant dining rooms…cocktails on the veranda…and, when you look out the door in the middle of the day, there’s somebody to play with!”

Well Wishes’ Facebook page says it all... “Well Wishes Home is a luxury living and recovery home that emphasizes quality of life for all who come under our care. Our staff includes round-the-clock care from three shifts of registered nurses. An on-call doctor 24 hours a day. Assessment by a Gerontologist and a Nutritionist. We offer packages for assisted living, respite care, and surgical recovery. Packages include meals, snacks, laundry, cleaning, entertainment, televisions in each room, health care, physical therapy and more. Unlimited local, national, and international telephone, WiFi, shared or private rooms. Family and friends are always welcome.” Wow! And you know what, it’s not hype. We have the photos to prove it.

Well Wishes Assisted Living Home 

Forbes goes on to say, “You give them master bedrooms that will take king-size beds. Eat-in kitchens. Everything they had in their house, just reduced in scope. You wrap it in a core that makes them feel like they’re in a five-star hotel.” And, that, my friends, is Well Wishes!Starting off with a delcious fresh fruit plate 

The Focus team not only toured their new Retirement facility, but we also enjoyed the wonderful breakfast prepared by their chef. It is such a beautiful setting and has such wonderful amenities, At prices from $1800 - $2500 per month, depending on how extensive your care needs are, it's the perfect home for long-term or short-term needs...even post-operative care.

As one couple said, who stayed there in June 2014 after surgery:

Following an unexpected stay in hospital where I underwent major cardiac surgery, both my wife Nora and I were exhausted and not ready to go directly home to assume all the chores involved in daily living.   So, we decided that we should consider going to an assisted living facility where both of us could recuperate for a few days.   

Immediately upon being discharged from hospital, we checked into Well Wishes, which turned out to be an excellent decision.  This brand-new, luxurious facility provided me with professional-level nursing care and lifted the added burden from Nora of looking after me at home, allowing her to get some much-needed rest.  Nurse Ana, while making sure I had all my correct dosages of medications on time and keeping track of my vital signs, also helped me become mobile again by assisting me on daily walks around the spacious patio.  After five days of this pampered existence we reluctantly concluded that we were ready to face the “outside” world again. 

From this experience it is our belief that anyone who has undergone major surgery should seriously consider a period of recuperation at a facility such as Well Wishes before taking on the rigors of normal daily life. 

Thank you Claudia and staff!   

Bill Deane 

Personally, I never thought of staying someplace like this after surgery…what an excellent idea. Ron Bowra echoed Bill’s thoughts: “Following major surgery in Guadalajara, my wife spent three days and nights at Well Wishes.  Her room was very nice and had an excellent view of the lake.  Her food was good and the nursing care she received was excellent.  I certainly would recommend Claudia Navarro and her Well Wishes facility as a very excellent transition from hospital to home.”

Long Term Care CostsLong-Term Care Costs

To understand how long-term care costs are trending over time, John Hancock calculated a five-year average based on a subset of common providers from their 2008 and 2011 Cost of Care Surveys and 2011 and 2013 Cost of Care Surveys. These five-year average annual increases are summarized below:

  • The 2013 average cost of a private nursing home room ($258 a day/ $94,170 annually) has risen an average 3.6 percent per year
  • The 2013 average cost of a semi-private nursing home room ($227 a day/ $82,855 annually) has risen an average 3.6 percent per year
  • The 2013 average cost for a month in an assisted living facility ($3,427 a month/ $41,124 annually) has risen an average 2.0 percent per year
  • The 2013 average cost of adult day care ($71 a day/$18,460 annually) has risen an average of 1.6 percent per year
  • The 2013 average cost for a home health aide ($19 hourly/$29,640 annually) has risen an average 1.3 percent per year1  

"‘The cost of long-term care continues to be one of the most significant uninsured financial risks that an individual can face,’ said Michael Doughty, Executive Vice President & General Manager, John Hancock Insurance. ‘John Hancock hopes that our cost of care studies will raise consumer awareness and will help them understand how important planning ahead for a potential long-term care event can be to their future.’"

CNNmoney states that “The cost of living at a nursing home has soared to a new high of more than $80,000 per year.” They go on to say, “‘A combination of factors are pushing costs higher,’ said Bob Bua, vice president of Genwojrth. Expenses like insurance, food, building maintenance and labor costs are all going up and being passed along to customers as a result. ‘[Nursing home employees] rarely get pay decreases, food rarely costs less, rent rarely goes down -- it's an ever-increasing cycle,’ Bua said. A less expensive alternative to nursing homes are assisted living facilities because they don't offer the same level of care, but these are also seeing significant price increases from year-to-year. The median annual cost of care in an assisted living facility is $41,400, up nearly 5% from last year and 23% higher than five years ago, Genworth found.”

And retiring in the Lake Chapala area is just a plus where the cost of living is better and the living is easy! Unlike the traditional resort locations on the coast where people like to vacation, Lake Chapala is a place where people come to live. Although ALL are drawn to Ajijic by the incomparable weather, gorgeous scenery and lower cost of living, they stay because they fall in love with the people, the setting and the lifestyle they can so easily have. While retiring in Lake Chapala gives you the richness of a foreign country and culture, it also provides a familiar yet exotic environment in which to enjoy the best years of your life, and at a cost you can afford.

Well Wishes packages include…  

  • Premium: for people who do not need special care, can move by themselves. Single/Couple/Shared (max 2). Long term
  • Clinic: for people who need around-the-clock care, therapy, physical rehabilitation or dementia. Long term
  • Recovery: for people ready to leave the hospital, but not ready to go back home on their own. Per Day/Weekly/14 days/Even for a couple of hours. Short term.

They will also be including workshops like Intervention Program for Depressed Adults, Memory Workshops and Post-traumatic Stress Intervention Programs.

As the web site Help Guide says, “Whether your search for senior housing is prompted by a serious medical condition or the desire for a lifestyle change, finding the right place to live can be challenging and stressful for both you and your family. However, the earlier you assess your current needs and how those needs may evolve over time, the more choices and control you’ll have. By learning about the different types of senior housing available, you can make the choice that’s right for you and ensure you enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling home environment as you age” for the ‘best of your life!’

By the way, since they just opened in May, there is no waiting list right now. With a two-patients to one-caregiver ratio, you're going to be well cared for at Well Lake Chapala…the second-best climate in the world...where outdoor living is the norm.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Lake ChapalaTop  10 reasons: Why so many people choose Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico! 

  1. Near-perfect  weather – little or no humidity, average temperature 78o  F (25.5 C) – year ‘round.
  2. A safe and secure environment.
  3. Accessibility - international airport 30 minutes away, making travel easy.
  4. Established  infrastructure. Many of the conveniences you are used to are available in Chapala and everything you want, in Guadalajara (2nd largest city) a scant 50 minute drive.
  5. Excellent communications: phone, high-speed internet, satellite TV, news and information from home
  6. High quality health care, and pharmacies, with many bilingual professionals  trained in the US or Canada.
  7. Lower cost of living – estimated to be at least 30% lower.
  8. English spoken – you can get by without Spanish, although it is fun to learn at least a little.
  9. Stunning beauty, rich culture and history, breathtaking sunsets over the lake, and majestic mountain views.
  10. Beautiful and unique homes – still offering great value (you get a lot for your  money).

Check it out! Hover over the photos to see the descriptions.

Well Wishes Master Bedroom
 Well Wishes Eat in KitchenWell Wishes Entertainment AreaAnother bedroom at Well Wishes Assisted Living  Outdoor Exercise Area Not only a place for group exercise, but exercise equipment will also be in this area. Outstanding Views at Well Wishes Assisted LivingMaster Closet in Master Bedroom at Well WishesMirador with grilling areaWelcome Basket for Guests at Well Wishes


Karen McConnaughey: Operations Manager for FocusOnMexico.  

Focus On Mexico offers Learning Adventures to Ajijic and Lake Chapala, Mexico (2nd Best Climate in the World). Join us on a Focus program and learn why thousands of Americans and Canadians chose to retire in Lake Chapala.

Our expert speakers cover all topics: Health Care, Real Estate, Legal System, Immigration, Bringing Pets, Cost of Living, US Taxes for Americans, Non-Residency for Canadians, Living on the Lakeside, Investing in Mexico, Mexican Economy and much more...

You’ll get everything you need to help you decide if Lake Chapala, Mexico is the place for you, plus have a lot of fun doing it. Retiring in Mexico couldn't be better. 



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