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Dental and Optical in Mexico

Dental care in Mexico

In the United States dental treatments can cost up to four times as much as they do in Mexico. Americans, with and without medical insurance, are flocking to Mexico for dental care because dentistry in the United States has become prohibitively expensive for many people.

For a long time, Americans have been crossing the border for cheap medicines, flu vaccines, eye surgery, or specialist doctors. But now, dentists are in the highest demand and aspiring Mexican dentists are moving to border and resort cities to serve the ever-increasing numbers of patients.
Source: Medical Living, July 2008

Dental Care in Mexico and Specifically Lake Chapala


dentists in the Chapala-Ajijic AreaThe cost of dental work in Mexico is a real bonus and the service is excellent as well as caring and there is seldom a wait. In fact, many people come to Mexico specifically to have major, high-quality dental work done for a fraction of the price north of the border; and often pay for their vacation with the amount they save.

Orthodontics, dentures and oral surgery are all available with top-notch doctors and many of them speak English, especially in the Lake Chapala area. At one of the local dentists office, every person who works there is a dentist, from the receptionist to the dental hygienist.


Optical Care in MexicoOptical care in Chapala

Optical care in Mexico is also available at a low cost with the quality of work you would expect in the United States or Canada. In Guadalajara you will find some of the best specialists available anywhere with the latest technology and equipment.

Mexico has long been a popular destination for people who want Lasik surgery that is very affordable—and has been practiced for 20 years or more in Mexico—longer than it has been done in the US—so you can be assured that you will receive professional care and may of the doctors in Mexico back up their Lasik surgery with a life-time guarantee.


Personal Experience by Marie Dwyer-Bullock

"I went to see Dr. Laura Choza, an Ophthalmologist for laser surgery on both eyes. She is an incredibly talented doctor and although this is one doctor who you do have to wait to see (pardon the pun), she always makes you feel like she has all the time in the world for you. She actually has the latest equipment right in her office to perform the laser surgery. It is totally painless and you are awake throughout the whole procedure—really quite amazing, and very affordable. I believe I paid about $1200 equivalent (around 1999) and that included the follow-up check ups.

Note! One special attribute about the doctors in Mexico is, once you become their patient, it is like you also become a friend—that is how they treat you...with a big hug whenever they see you. And, of course, that just represents the natural warmth of the people and their culture. It is really quite lovely and rubs off on we foreigners. Whenever you greet people here (whether Mexican or ex-pat), there is always the friendly hug and kiss with genuine sincerity of the greeting."

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