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Maskaras Clinic Discount Health Program

Maskaras health clinic

One excellent clinic (Clinica Maskaras run by Dr. Garcia) is bilingual, fully equipped with laboratory, x-rays, pharmacy and much more and has access to nearly every specialist you could want. It is available 24/7. They have developed an extremely economical plan they offer to "Mexpats" (foreigners), where for one very low annual fee you can have as many doctor visits as you need and get a variety of other benefits and discounts. Even though we personally have private insurance, for our day-to-day medical issues we use this clinic. Dr. Carlos Garcia is one of our Expert Guest Speakers. 

Maskaras Clinic Discount Program particulars:

  • $3500 pesos (approx $270 U.S.) per year (adjusted to U.S. dollar exchange rate).
  • Unlimited Clinica Maskaras office visits during normal office hours, with Dr. Carlos Garcia
  • No age restriction
  • No “previous condition” restriction
  • Emergency pre-hospitalization medical physician consultations at Clinica Maskaras, with Carlos Garcia or participating MedCare
  • Maskaras Emergency Care Physicians
  • Annual EKG
  • 20% Discount on all lab tests at Clinica Maskaras
  • 10% Discount on X-Rays and Mammograms at Clinica Maskaras
  • One free dental exam and 10% discount on dental services at Clinica Maskaras
  • Two house calls per year
  • 10% discount at the CARE X-Ray Clinic in Guadalajara (MRI, CAT, Ultrasound,etc)
  • 50% Discount with the eye doctor for the first eye exam visit

 Many of the expats that live in Lake Chapala will sign up for our catastrophic Best Doctors Group Health Care and marry it together with the Maskaras Clinic Discount Program. Then they are covered for day-to-day issues and emergencies as well as all the major catastrophic health conditions.

Pay as you go... and/or Insurance from back home

A small portion of people choose to simply 'Pay as they Go.' Given how affordable our Best Doctors Group Health Care  and the Maskaras Clinic Discount program is, we don't encourage this. Having said that, you will find excellent English-speaking doctors and hospitals where operations, tests, procedures, etc. will cost a fraction of what they would north of the border.

A certain number of people may still have coverage north of the border so they are in the enviable position of not having to worry about taking any additional health care coverage. Good for them!

Dr Garcia Maskaras ClinicSpecial Note: Dr Garcia is our Expert Speaker for the Focus on Mexico Educational programs in Lake Chapala. You'll learn first hand from him all about health care in Mexico, as well as doctors, hospitals, clinics, medicine, health recommendations as well as the Discount Program offered through his Maskaras Clinic.  **You will also learn about the Focus Best Doctors Group Health that is open to anyone who is eligible. Worldwide coverage with low deductible and low annual premium. Check out details on our Focus Best Doctors page.

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