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Medical Tourism Fountain of Youth

by Judy Lacy 

Medical Tourism in MexicoWhat’s all the hype about medical tourism anyway? Well, when you consider how many men and women want to look and feel younger, it’s no wonder people are looking outside Europe, Canada and the States where savings from 40 to 70 per cent are common for such procedures as facelifts and cosmetic dentistry.

Cost is not the only issue to consider. Finding doctors and hospitals that are at the level of professionalism equal to or greater than what is available in their own countries is even more important. That’s why Anne Dyer, medical director of  Plaza Montaña Health and Beauty Center, in Ajijic, Mexico, has spent the last five years bringing together just the right English-speaking, board-certified physicians, medical facilities, cosmetic dentists, and highly trained nurses and medical staff.

Anne provides a complete package for her local and medical tourism clients. Her services include scheduling appointments with the specialists, transportation to and from a private surgical clinic—and most importantly, before, during and after care at her bed and breakfast.

It all starts with scheduling a medical consultation right on the premises of Plaza La Montaña. The doctors are very honest about who is a good candidate and who isn’t and which procedure is right for them. Their goal is to make each person look the very best they can.

Who takes advantage of this complete package? A prime example is the group of four women who recently traveled to Plaza Montaña Health and Beauty Center from New York City. One of the women completed her adventure last year and decided to come back with her three friends—not only as a support system, but also to relax and enjoy the beauty of the quaint Mexican village of Ajijic, located on the shores of Lake Chapala.

The ladies stayed for 16 days in Casita Montaña bed and breakfast. Everything was arranged in advance so no time was wasted. A couple of days after their arrival, the surgeries began. Anne’s private nurse was on premises when they returned from the clinic to care for them. The doctor himself visited several times to remove the stitches and make sure everything was progressing as it should.

Within a few days after surgery the ladies were out exploring this beautiful area. They enjoyed some shopping, attended dinner parties and local cultural events. In fact, they had a real vacation. The best part was the fact they returned home looking younger, healthier and much happier.

How long have you threatened to lose weight or stop smoking? This would be an excellent time to carry out those promises you made to yourself.

By the way, if you lose weight after your facelift, the overall success of your procedure could be diminished. The objective of any surgeries of this type is to eliminate pockets of fat and remove as much loose skin as possible—making up for what you and gravity have done to your body over the years. If you wait until after your procedure, you may not get the full benefits of what the doctor can accomplish for you.

Are you still smoking? Now would be a great time to quit—in fact, it’s imperative that you don’t smoke at least two weeks before surgery to eliminate the possibility of excessive bleeding. Also, if you are on blood thinners, talk to your regular doctor about how to discontinue the medication for about 14 days prior to surgery.

Advanced methods of less invasive surgeries are being developed every day. A new liposuction procedure for that “bat wing” look under your upper arms is now available and those unsightly veins in your legs can be eliminated in an out-patient procedure. What this means to you is less trauma to your body, less healing time, and less money spent.

During your initial consultation, the doctors will discuss the best types of procedures for you. They are always up to date on state-of-the-art methods and how to implement them to achieve your new look.

Why not consider finding your own fountain of youth. La Montaña Health and Beauty Center offers everything you need at a very affordable price. Visit our website today and contact us when you’re ready to see a new face in the mirror.

The Fountain Of Youth Experience Starts Here

Reprinted with permission. First appeared in the Lake Chapala Review, March 2012 

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