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Prescription Medication and Over the Counter Drugs in Mexico

Prescription Medication in MexicoThere are likely more ‘Farmacias’ (pharmacies) per head in Mexico than anywhere else. Drugs are all pre-packaged and either made locally or imported. Cost wise, local drugs are similar or a bit cheaper in price than what you are used to, with imports being a little more expensive. There is a Generic Farmacia with excellent prices. I couldn’t believe the prices the first time I went. It cost me $6 pesos (about sixty cents) for a generic drug that I had paid something like $80 pesos (eight dollars) for previously at a regular pharmacy, so it certainly pays to shop around. They sell the generic version of brand name drugs for up to 75% off the price. Some generic pharmacies are better than others and we rely on our expert speakers to advise our Focus participants in this regard.

Most Medications are Available

Most drugs are available though some may have a different name or there will be an alternative drug available, if yours is not. You will be able to ask our Expert Speaker, during a Focus on Mexico program, all your questions and find out if your special needs will be able to met.

Some drugs are controlled and need a prescription each time (e.g. for mind-altering drugs - sleeping pills or relaxing pills like Valium). For most others, you need a prescription the first time and after that the pharmacy will continue to give you a refill over the counter without a renewed prescription. Many other prescription drugs back home are sold over the counter here.

If you plan an extended visit or are moving here, bring a three- to four-month supply of your medication and then consult a local doctor for ongoing needs. This gives you some breathing space. If you have highly specialized drug needs, you should bring enough for your first visit and make an appointment with a local doctor to discuss availability or an alternative medication.


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