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Private Health Insurance


 Private Health Insurance in Mexico

National and International Private Insurance Available

The cost of Private Insurance in Mexico varies, of course, depending upon your age, deductible and where you want coverage, and can range from $1100 to $20,000 U.S. per person (depending on whether Catastrophic coverage or Comprehensive). There are any number of companies offering a variety of options depending on what you want and how much you are willing to pay. Price depends on age, the “class” of hospital you choose, deductible/co-insurance levels, maximum policy level and where you live. You can select from the small (but good) hospitals with company-selected doctors to the “glitzy” new hospitals with the top doctors/specialists (more expensive).

Many people living in Mexico will opt for the Catastrophic coverage to cover major medical issues and self insure for smaller less expensive issues. Local doctor visits are very affordable to pay as you go. A Discount Program is offered by Maskaras Clinic that can cover these day to day issues. 

Some of the insurance companies may have agreements with the hospitals and will pay directly. Others work on a reimbursement basis – you pay, then submit a claim to your insurer and they reimburse you. We have researched many private health care possibilities and although found some that were good, many of our clients could not qualify for acceptance because of pre-existing conditions, or the cost was prohibitive. Then finally we found Best Doctors Insurance.

Focus Announcement:

FINALLY, A LOW COST HEALTHCARE PLAN WITH WORLDWIDE COVERAGE AND FANTASTIC BENEFITS! Coverage of up to $750,000 USD annually, $1090 USD premium with a $3000 deductible.

Focus on Mexico has partnered with BEST DOCTORS ( to offer our Best Doctors Group Health Plan. Inside the Group Plan we were able to customize our Plan. We were able to increase the eligible age to apply to 74 years 11 months. We were able to increase the coverage for the individual options. We negotiated to allow pre-existing conditions to be covered automatically after 12 months. You can choose from five star hospitals and any doctors of your choice. You pay your deductible direct to the hospital, and Best Doctors pays the hospital directly which includes doctors fees so no need for you to pay and then wait to get reimbursed.. 

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Group Insurance
Best Doctors Health Plan

Finally, A Low Cost Healthcare Plan With Worldwide Coverage And Fantastic Benefits!

Focus on Mexico is proud to announce we are partnering with BEST DOCTORS to offer a FOCUS GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN.