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    Private Health Insurance in Mexico

    National and International Private Insurance Available

    The cost of Private Insurance in Mexico varies, of course, depending upon your age, deductible and company and can range from $800 to $2000 U.S. (or more) per person (certain restrictions may apply). There are any number of companies offering a variety of options depending on what you want and how much you are willing to pay. Price depends on age, the “class” of hospital you choose, deductible/co-insurance levels and maximum policy level. You can select from the small (but good) hospitals with company-selected doctors to the “glitzy” new hospitals with the top doctors/specialists (more expensive).

    Many people will take Private insurance more as Emergency coverage, like an illness that is diagnosed by your doctor and requires hospitalization and treatment instead of a comprehensive and more expensive policy to cover annual check-ups etc. Because the local doctor visits are relatively inexpensive, it may be advisable to simply pay as you go for day to day issues (colds, minor upsets, etc.) or many pre-existing conditions. A Discount Program is offered by Maskaras Clinic that can cover these day to day issues.

    Some of the insurance companies may have agreements with the hospitals and will pay directly. Others work on a reimbursement basis – you pay, then submit a claim to your insurer and they reimburse you. We have researched many private health care possibilities and although found some that were good, many of our clients could not qualify for acceptance because of pre-existing conditions, or the cost was prohibitive. Then finally we found Best Doctors Insurance.

    Focus Announcement:

    FINALLY, A LOW COST HEALTHCARE PLAN WITH WORLDWIDE COVERAGE AND FANTASTIC BENEFITS! Coverage of up to $750,000 USD annually with ONLY a $3000 deductible.

    Focus on Mexico has partnered with BEST DOCTORS ( to offer a FOCUS-BestDoctors GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN. Complete the information below and click the button to learn more.