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Mexico Visas and Immigration

Mexico Visas and Immigration - Requirements for People, Pets and Possessions!

Mexico visas and immigration

Important Notice: We are often asked: “Do I have to give up my citizenship if I retire permanently in Mexico?” Of course not! You can become a resident full time in Mexico and still maintain your citizenship from your home country.

_ New Immigration Law

Mexico Visas

Although there are many other forms of Mexico Visas, these three are the most common.

  • FMM - Tourist Visa
  • FM3 - Residency Visa (most common)
  • FM2 – and then Inmigrado Visa

Clearly the FMM is your Tourist Visa, but you may be surprised to learn that some people who live in Mexico several months each year and have done so for 5 to 10 years still operate on a Tourist Visa. But is this wise? No, it doesn’t make sense to stay on an FMM if you are planning on spending several months a year in Mexico. It is just too easy to get your FM3. Plus there are some real benefits to of having an FM3 over an FMM.

There are different ways to go about the business of getting a visa. The most recommended way, and one which Focus on Mexico endorses, is to get a tourist visa (FMM) and then go through the process of getting your FM2 or FM3 in country with the help of an expert who knows the ins and outs of the whole immigration process. We sincerely believe that what money you spend will be worth the time and hassle you’ll save.

You will also need to know what documents you need to get an apostille for. For any legal action in Mexico (including getting a visa), you must have a certified or notarized document. The most common documents are birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and divorce decrees. Using a professional, experienced apostille service will save you much time, headaches and red tape. It will relieve any concerns you might have about your international move.

Information on Apostille in Spanish...

Information on Apostille in English... 

In this section, you'll learn about the different kinds of Mexico visas, how to get your pet(s) and possessions across the border, as well as many other useful things.

 Walter and Nancy Heine 2006 Program 17th to 26th Oct
"We met Julie (Focus on Mexico's expert speaker on immigration) at the Focus on Mexico seminar last October. After listening to her professional approach to immigration and IMSS requirements, we made a decision to meet with her while we were there. After the seminar session, we set up an appointment and she made us very comfortable with her knowledge on the subject and that our immigration affairs would be taken care of expeditiously. Subsequently she has continued coordinating these issues by email and the whole operation, which sounded complex and difficult, is proceeding more smoothly than we could have hoped for. It is a very pleasant experience working with Julie." 

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