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Duty Free Items and Goods You May Bring Into Mexico

Customs Regulations on Personal Effects and Importation

Duty Free Items and Goods You May Bring Into Mexico Here's the complete list of what anyone with either an FMT (tourist card valid up to 180 days) or FM3 (one year visa) is allowed to bring duty free into Mexico:

  • Suitcases, trunks, valises, and hampers necessary for their baggage
  • New or used consumer goods necessary for their personal use, such as clothing, shoes, items for personal hygiene. These must be in accordance with the length of the passenger's stay and not in quantities that would appear to be sufficient for sale.
  • Medicines for personal use. Psychotropic drugs must be accompanied by their prescription.
  • One still camera, one video camera (and its power supply), up to 12 rolls of new film or videocassettes, one cellular phone, one pager, one pair of binoculars, one typewriter, one new or used portable computer (laptop, notebook, etc.), one portable printer or copier (new or used), one portable radio (new or used) to tape or reproduce sound (or for mixed use).
  • Two types of new or used sports equipment suitable for one person to carry; one tent for camping plus camping equipment; one surfboard, with or without sail; four fishing rods with their accompanying gear.
  • Five laser disks, five DVDs, 20 compact disks (CDs) or cassette tapes, books and magazines which show by their quantity that they are not for resale.
  • Five games which might ordinarily be brought by one person.
  • Any equipment necessary for the care and wellbeing of a handicapped person.
  • In addition to the above, any adult may bring into the Republic up to 20 packets of cigarettes, 25 cigars, 200 grams of loose tobacco, and up to three liters of wine, beer, or liquor.

In addition, people driving into Mexico may bring $50 in new goods into the country without paying duty. People who fly in are allowed an additional US$300 in new goods.

You are allowed to bring household goods valued at up to $1000 USD over and above what is listed above without the need for a customs agent to file the paperwork and to assist you. If you plan to bring household goods into Mexico with a value greater than $1000 USD, then you need to use the services of a customs agent to work with you to determine the duty values and assist you in the process of actually bringing your belongings into Mexico. The duty payment is usually (but not always) valued at 17% of the declared value of your household goods over and above the allowed value.
Information courtesy of the Mexican government.
Consular Section of Embassy of Mexico in the United States

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