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Working in Mexico

foreign investment in mexico 

Mexico welcomes foreign investment and offers countless opportunities for new business.

Bilingual legal, accounting and business consulting expertise are available on the Lake Chapala area and in nearby Guadalajara to help you with the process. In the past most people looked at Mexico as a place to retire to. In more recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of people looking to either work or set up a business in Mexico. Both are possible.Working in Mexico 


Much the same as in the U.S. and Canada, there are opportunities to work in Mexico, if you have special skills. The basic rule is that you will be issued a work permit only if there is no Mexican national available to do the same job.

If you do locate a company willing to offer you a job, then the company will process all the necessary paperwork to obtain the permit and your residence visa.

Quite often, people move to Mexico to live and obtain either an Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente visa and then decide they want to work. This can be done by adding working papers to the existing visa. However, the same qualifying rules apply. This may at first glance appear very restrictive but, depending on the location you choose in Mexico and the type of work you undertake, a simple thing like the ability to travel internationally and experience in dealing in other countries or nationalities may be sufficient to get your permit.




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