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The Beauty of Lake Chapala

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  •  Color Everywhere 

    Although National Geographic rates Lake Chapala weather as the 2nd best climate, we really think of it as the best. Many of us live here full time, others part time. “Snowbirds” from all over Canada come to escape the cold winters and “Sunbirds” from the Sunbelt States (the Lakeside area is only 600 miles from Texas - 965.6 km) come for the summer months to get away from the heat and humidity of places such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and parts of California. And, of course, people come from many other places all over the world.

    The beauty, colors and views at Lake Chapala Mexico are FANTASTIC!!!  Click on the title of a video below to view.

  • Lake Chapala Beauty and Color
    The Colors of Lake ChapalaSo much color in Mexico and the Lake Chapala will make your heart sing!
    Lake Chapala Flowers
    Flowers around Lake Chapala MexicoFlowers around Lake Chapala, Mexico are absolutely beautiful
    Lake Chapala Sunsets and Views
    Lake Chapala Mexico Sunsets and ViewsThe views and sunsets at Lake Chapala are stunning