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Lake Chapala Weather, her Climate and Beauty

 Lake Chapala Weather - Rated by National Geographic as the 2nd Best Climate in the World, the semi-tropical climate in Lake Chapala, Mexico, is probably the first major attraction to the area.

The Lake Chapala Climate is Truly a Paradise

Lake Chapala Weather & Climate

Although National Geographic rates Lake Chapala weather as the 2nd best climate, we really think of it as the best—taking into consideration all the other benefits we enjoy here, not the least of which is easy access —a few hours and you're back home with friends and family. Lake Chapala climate is an oasis for foreigners.  Many of us live here full time, others part time. “Snowbirds” from all over Canada come to escape the cold winters and “Sunbirds” from the Sunbelt States (the Lakeside area is only 600 miles from Texas - 965.6 km) come for the summer months to get away from the heat and humidity of places such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and parts of California. And, of course, people come from many other places all over the world.


Lake Chapala Weather is Near Perfect

Clearly this near-perfect lake chapala weather is a major factor in why it has the largest population of Americans and Canadians outside Canada or the U.S., as well as many Europeans—people from thirty-one nations enjoy the beauty along the shores of Lake Chapala.  The Lakeside area has become a retirement haven for people from all over the world who come to enjoy the warm days and cool nights along the shores of our beautiful lake. And, people seem to feel better here, because active lifestyles are a direct result of our beautiful weather, and the motto “Live Younger Longer” clearly is strongly endorsed. 

Lake Chapala Climate Quote:

 Bill Levy  (Focus Alumni) 
"What were we looking for in a retirement location?
Like many Canadians, we wanted to get away from Canadian winters and wanted to live in a moderate climate.  We lived in Nairobi for three years and the weather here is quite similar.  High and dry most of the year and a rainy season when it rains mostly at night.  Obviously the Lake Chapala area meets the climate requirement better than almost anywhere in the world.  With all the severe weather events all over the world in recent years, it is nice to live in an area which is not subject to hurricanes, tornadoes or floods or any kind of severe weather at all."


No air-conditioning, no heating, almost no humidity allows you to live an outdoor life here where your garden is like a private park, just for you.  So much color.  So much beauty.  Crimson sunrises and golden sunsets serve to heighten enjoyment of each majestic day. A wonderful laid back life to enjoy.

The most popular area for Mexpats (Canadians, Americans, Europeans) is located on the northwestern shoreline and is made up of a series of small villages over a 20 km stretch from Chapala to Jocotepec, referred to by locals as "Lakeside," with the villages of San Antonio, Ajijic, San Juan Cosala and El Chante in between.

Though you will find Mexpats in every village, the majority live in the various subdivisions between Chapala and Ajijic (pronounced AH-He-Heek). Some say this area has a micro-climate and that the article by National Geographic rating the area as the "2nd Best Climate in the World" actually refers to this particular stretch of the Lakeside.

Lake Chapala Weather Quote:

 Donna & Grahame Birch, Brampton Ontario, currently live half time in Ajijic.

 "The Lakeside area is indeed a piece of paradise with wonderful weather, friendly Mexicans and Expats, and an inviting culture; the lake and mountain views are beautiful.”

Every single day of the 13 years we have lived here, we sit on our terrace and look out over the lake and mountains, soaking up the beauty and appreciating every single precious minute we have been here.  Every day the view is different.  Every season brings new treasures. 


Lake Chapala Weather Delivers an Overwhelming Abundance of Color

Lake Chapala Weather - A poinsettia tree grows in AjijicI never realized that color was such an important part of my life until moving to Mexico.  When you have a 365-day growing season, sunshine nearly every day of the year, and a four-month rainy season, is it any wonder that the semi-tropical climate we enjoy supports such incredible beauty?

You will find flowering trees here that would be plants back home. Six-to-eight-foot Poinsettia trees at Christmas will delight you.  They start changing color about November and stay until the gardeners cut them back in April.

Lake Chapala Climate - Jacarandas bloom in FebruaryThe Jacaranda (spring flowering) tree puts on a breath-taking floral display.  As you look beyond at the grey and dry mountains (before rainy season) and then back at these trees that look like someone above took big buckets of purple paint and just dumped it on the trees, it is an stunning sight. Its vivid lilac-blue clusters of trumpet-shaped blossoms appear in February (our spring) and within a couple of months fall to the earth carpeting the ground with this purple mass of color.  It is said that if you are walking underneath the Jacaranda tree and one of the trumpet blossoms falls on your head, you will be favored by good fortune.

The canary-yellow Primavera and deep-scarlet Tabachin trees are just as beautiful, but my personal favorite will always be the Jacaranda.  Apparently the long period with no rain and the intense sun by this time of the year, causes them to burst out in bloom.

Lake Chapala Weather Quote:

 Richard Hodges (Focus Alumni) 
"Lake Chapala beats Florida, hands down...
If you are planning for retirement and thinking in terms of the standard "Snowbird" routine of six or seven months up north during the summer and five or six months in a warm climate in the winter, well, the Lakeside beats Florida hands down.  Every day is sunny, you can depend on it, and we wear shorts year round."

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