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We Answer the Question... is Mexico Safe?

Will I be safe in Mexico?

Here is a comment that came in from a viewer when this video was posted on YouTube:

FROM:  ledwards41 ha realizado un comentario en Mexico Mythbusters:
"This is a fantastic video and true representation of what it is like to live on Lake Chapala. The media is going mental right now and not differentiating the problems in border towns (with guns being bought like candy at gun shows in the USA). Living in the U.S. is much more dangerous AND more stressful AND more expensive. I give this video a A+++"

Unfortunately, the Hollywood movie renditions of Mexico have created an entire misconception about safety and crime in Mexico. I was appalled at how Mexico and its people were depicted in the recent movie “The Mexican” starring Julia Roberts. It was disgraceful!

Certainly, in major cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara, like all major cities in the world – you should use caution and common sense. And yes, we do have theft, but usually without bodily harm. By nature, Mexicans are not violent people. They are polite, warm-hearted and will always offer a helping hand.

We get asked again and again, “Is it safe to live in Lake Chapala”? And again and again, we answer that we feel safer here than we did back home. Before we came to Mexico ten years ago, we had the same misconceptions. We had heard you shouldn’t drive at night. We had heard we’d be robbed by banditos. We had been told not to bring any valuables. No wonder we were unprepared for the reality of how safe it really is to live here.

We can walk down the streets at night. Many times we have gone to dinner in Guadalajara and driven back that same evening. Other times we have stayed over and enjoyed the night-life.

I have never once, in the 13 years we have lived here, felt unsafe. The Mexican people have an excellent value system and we have found them to be warm and welcoming, never threatening.

And don't take just our word for it. Have a look below at a Crime Statistics Chart as displated on You'll notice that the United States rates #8, Canada rates #12 and Mexico rates #39.

Is Mexico Safe?:  Quote From

"The United States leads most other countries in terms of crime per capita. On the world stage, the USA ranks #8, with 80 crimes reported per 1,000 people. In comparison, Mexico ranks #39, with 12 crimes per 1,000 people. This means that it is probably safer to vacation in Playa del Carmen than it is, say, Fort Lauderdale."

Source: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, viaNationMaster

Crime Statistics > Total crimes (per capita) by country

#1   Dominica: 113.822 per 1,000 people 

#2   New Zealand: 105.881 per 1,000 people 

#3   Finland: 101.526 per 1,000 people 

#4   Denmark: 92.8277 per 1,000 people 

#5   Chile: 88.226 per 1,000 people 

#6   United Kingdom: 85.5517 per 1,000 people 

#7   Montserrat: 80.3982 per 1,000 people 

#8   United States: 80.0645 per 1,000 people 


#12 Canada:       75.4921 per 1,000 people 


#39 Mexico: 12.8406 per 1,000 people 


Is Mexico Safe Quotes:

Sam & Eileen Cotter
We feel safe in Ajijic, and can get along speaking only English. As well, we have the convenience of shopping for anything we want; if not available in the Lake Chapala area, then in Guadalajara – hardly third world living.”

Norm and Jessie Dysart
“We chose Lake Chapala as it was safe and relatively free of crime.”

Bill & Sue Levy
“Safety and security were a prime concern and this area has proven to be good in that respect. …the Mexican people are very kind and generous and accept the expatriates with no apparent problems.”


And certainly, after 9/11, we feel even more safe living in Mexico. You’ll see children, well past dark, playing openly in the streets. I love to go into the village in the evening as people are everywhere; many sitting on their front steps, the plaza bursting with activity and everyone gives you an instant big smile and a lovely “Buenos noches,” (Good evening).

On many of the streets in the villages, you'll find families out on the sidewalks with music playing and sitting at makeshift cafes. To many of us, this is not only charming and a real sense of life and living, but also makes one feel very much an integral part of a safe environment.

Yes, we feel safe living in Lake Chapala, Mexico; very safe indeed.

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