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    Ask Focus on Moving to Mexico 

    What should you know when moving to Mexico?

    This section provides you information on what you should do or have when moving to Mexico.



  • As other information becomes available, this section will be updated, so check back often.    Focus would like to make Ask Focus as complete as possible, so if there is something that we have not included, please send us the information by clicking here and going to the Ask Focus content suggestion... 

  • Things you should know

    1. Before you put your house for sale:  have your house linen, curtains and carpets cleaned and make any repairs that need to be done
    2. Sort out your goods and store or dispose of those you will not be using anymore.
    3. Contact all charity organizations to whom you've decided to donate all effects that you will not be moving. Set up an appointment so that these can be picked up from your home.
    4. Locate a recycling place where you can bring the things you are not given away or bringing to Mexico.
    5. Organize a garage sale for all the things you are not giving away.
    6. If you are packing then gather moving supplies, boxes, tape, rope.
    7. Make any necessary travel arrangements like airline or car maintenance and remember you have to obtain a Vehicle Permit at Laredo, TX Border Crossing.
    8. Make eventual plans for temporary accommodation for the post-packing period. The same should be done at destination, whilst you are waiting for the final delivery of your goods.
    9. Call a moving company.  Don’t forget to reconfirm your moving dates to your moving company a few days before the move.
    10. Finalize real estate purchase or rental needs in Chapala.
    11. Place legal, all medical and dental records and exams, prescriptions, and insurance records in a safe and accessible place.
    12. Give your mailers your new address :
      • Family  and friends
      • Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions
      • Charge card and credit card companies
      • State and Federal Tax authorities and any other government agencies as needed.
    13. Discuss your move with your local financial institution to ensure you can manage account(s) via e-mail (trade online?).
    14. Determine what address you will use as mailing address (Mail Boxes, Etc.?)
    15. Check if you can use Mexico address on accounts.
    16. Notify U.S. Post Office of Change of Address (can do online)
    17. Check impact of move with any ongoing medical coverage, insurance (life, etc.), pensions, etc.
    18. Determine whether you will need a Power of Attorney for ongoing transactions.
    19. Save moving receipts (many moving expenses are tax deductible).
    20. Save your Focus on Mexico Map Book and travel kit and give a copy to your family and friends.
    21. Plan your moving budget and get some Pesos.
    22. Inform gas, electric, water, cable, local telephone and trash removal services of your move. 
    23. Inform your long distance phone company of your move.
    24. Arrange to close or transfer your bank account, if appropriate.
    25. Make sure that electricity and water are installed 24 hours before you move into Mexico, this will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. 
    26. Set aside moving materials like a tape measure, pocket knife, packing boxes, tape and markers.
    27. Two days before the move, start dismantling your furniture, removing curtains, pictures and light fixtures, unless the moving company is contracted to provide this service.
    28. Clean and let dry all kitchen appliances to avoid the appearance of mildew during shipping.
    29. Don’t forget to check oil and gas in your car, or if travelling, make sure you have tickets, charge cards, and other essentials.
    30. Smile and say Goodbye to your former house, wish for the people that will move in, to have a wonderful life in it and jump in your car in excitement for your new life and all the people who are waiting for you to come back home in Chapala!
    1. Keep the following supplies and accessories on hand:
      • Boxes, all sizes
      • Bubble wrap or other cushioning material
      • Marking pens
      • Tape measure
      • Furniture pads or old blankets
      • Packing tape and scissors
      • Money and credit cards
    2. Label each box with the room in the new home to which it should be delivered.
    3. Number the boxes and keep a list of what is in each box.
    4. Clearly mark fragile items.
    5. Pack a bag of personal items you'll need during the move (change of clothes, toiletries, medicine, maps, food, and drinks). Keep it in an easy-to-find place when you pack.
    6. Keep a medical kit accessible.
    7. If you have children, pack a bag of games and activities for the trip.

     List of documents you should bring with you when you move to Mexico:

    1. Marriage License/Certificate (apostile!)\
    2. Proof of Income (pension documents; your three most current statements)
    3. Consider depositing money into Actinver-Lloyds for income proof.
    4. Passports
    5. Vehicle Ownership Documents
    6. If one car, get same name as passport and in both names if a couple\
    7. If two cars, same name as on passport; one vehicle in wife’s name, one in husband’s.
    8. Mexico car insurance (online)
    9. Credit Cards (check expiration date)
    10. ATM Cards (check expiration date)
    11. All the medical records that you can get regarding your medical history.
    12. Everything related to the medical treatments that you are having or have had in the past.  If you need to have periodical medical treatments like hemodialisis, for example, you need the document where your doctor has prescribed this and everything related to it.
    13. Laboratory studies.  Interpretations of the labs are fine, but it is necessary to bring the studies also, otherwise, the doctors here would have to do them again.  Besides, it is very important to bring your past studies to make comparisons between then and now.  If you cannot bring their CT scan o MRI studies, try to at least bring digital pictures of them.  

    Here are a few things you should do soon after you arrive at Lake Chapala:

    1. Locate police and fire stations as well as hospitals and gas stations near your home.
    2. Visit the "Directory of Services" for shopping areas, furniture, tools, or house wares.
    3. Ask your neighbors which day the trash is collected.
    4. Visit “How to Procedures” for information for:  service providers such as a cleaners, veterinarian, gas, electric, water, cable TV, local and long distance telephone.
    5. Visit “Living at Lakeside” for information on: schools, cultural events, charity organizations, churches and community activities, find emergency calling services.
    6. Provide your new doctor and dentist with your medical history.
    7. Open new bank account and/or investment account. You can find information on this by coing to the section in Ask Focus "Opening a Bank Account".
    8. Transfer insurance policies to an agent in Mexico. You may also wish to make a detailed list of your belongings, their value, and your coverage.
    9. Give your new home a good cleaning. 

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