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Alumni Testimonials

00 Alumni Testimonials

Listen to what some of our participants have to say about the 8 day educational program through Focus on Mexico.
Enchanting Lake Chapala

00 Enchanting Lake Chapala

A visual journey to stunning Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico where the largest colony of northern expats in the world live.
Focus on Mexico

00 Focus on Mexico 8-Day Learning Experience

Join us on a Focus on Mexico 8-Day Learning Experience including arriving on the Sat and leaving on the following Sat. Sunday  is a day in Guadalajara and Tlacapacque. We go to different restaurants every day for lunch and dinner
Routes of Mexico

00 Ten Mexican tourism routes

Mexico is a diverse country of 31 states. Places where you can find wineries to tequila distilleries, beautiful beaches to majestic mountains, tropical jungles to forests, caves to cenotes, ancient ruins to modern art, mariachi bands to Mayan mysteries, and colonial pueblas to cosmopolitan cities. So much to see, explore, and enjoy.
The Magic Of Lake Chapala

01 The Magic Of Lake Chapala

 Lake Chapala has 2nd best climate in the world and enjoys a lower cost of living. This video gives you a virtual look inside Lake Chapala, the second best thing to coming on your own.
Lake Chapala

03 Mexico MythBusters

Kristina Morgan, from Focus on Mexico, presents the Myths & Misconceptions about Mexico, and how all the news thats fit to print is not necessarily true. Youll get a chuckle or two while youre learning about the truth of Mexico.
Things to Do

04 Activities in Lake Chapala Mexico

Karen McConnaughey talks about the activities available year round in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and youll be amazed at the variety of things to do. There is no reason for anyone to ever get bored. Youll need a calendar to keep track of everything!
Bonding with

05 A Spiritual Experience in Lake Chapala Mexico

Tere created a wonderful poem and intensely personal and emotional experience. "...Bonding with the Lake" speaks to you about a breathtaking trip to the magic of Lake Chapala; a beautiful ripple in the lake of our dreams that will take you in a peaceful and spiritual journey.
Health Care at Lake Chapala Mexico

08 Health Care at Lake Chapala Mexico

08 Health Care at Lake Chapala MexicoA look at health care cost in Mexico and the Lake Chapala Mexico area. If you have considered coming to the Lake Chapala area to see if it's for you but have worried about
The Rhythm of Lake Chapala

09 The Rhythm of Lake Chapala

This video was made after the Feb 6-13, 2010 Focus on Mexico program. Mark Clifton wrote and produced the song after being inspired by Focus on Mexico and Lake Chapala. Kristina Morgan added the slide show with photos of their group...all of whom are missed!

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Ajijic Mexico Number 1
Mount Garcia Ajijic Jalisco Mexico
Top Expat Community Pick #1: Ajijic, Mexico. Ajijic and the area around Lake Chapala, Mexico, hosts the most organized, developed expat community in the world. The Lake Chapala Society reports about 4,000 American and Canadian residents in Lake Chapala proper.
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