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12 | 15 | 2007

Plastic surgery vacations in Mexico

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/HealthCare.jpgLow costs and proximity to the U.S. make Guadalajara the 'in' place to get tummy tucks, liposuction and other cosmetic procedures.

12 | 10 | 2007

New Years Customs

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/Dove2007.jpgMany cultures celebrate the beginning of the New Year in different ways. Some of the traditions are quite unique, but most involve staying up past midnight and celebrating with friends and family. I found the many customs people associate with the New Year every year so interesting I decided to build a list. Some are fun; some are funky, but surely one of them might work for you…I especially like the one about red underwear…don’t we wish it were that easy?

12 | 09 | 2007

La Flor De Noche Buena

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/La-Flor-De-Noche-Buena.jpgIts Latin name is Euphorbia Pulcherrima. Euphorbia pulcherrima (literally, "the most beautiful Euphorbia") also known as the “Flor del Noche Buena” in Mexico, or the “Flame Leaf” in Central America is a favorite of all of the Americas at Christmas.Its Mexican monikers include the ancient Nahuatl term Cuitlaxochitl (star flower), along with Catarina (Catherine), Flor de Pastor (Shepherd's Flower) and, most commonly, Flor de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Flower).

12 | 07 | 2007

Spanish 101 - Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad LastA good way to learn Spanish is to start with things we know well (noel!!), and that would be the names of Christmas Carols! So here's a list to start with
12 | 07 | 2007

Learn a Christmas Carol in Spanish

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/Pic1.jpgSurprise your friends and family around the Christmas tree this year by singing The 12 Days of Christmas in Spanish and learn a few new words at the same time!
12 | 04 | 2007

December in Mexico a Perfect Time

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/December-in-Mexico-a-Perfect-Time.jpgMexico is the land of fiestas, and never more than during the month of December, when the feasts are so many they can overlap by several days. Starting on December 3, the beginning of the nine-day tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and continuing through until January 6, Three Kings Day, there is non-stop celebration. In addition to Guadalupe's feast day on December 12, the Mexicans honor the Virgin of Juquila on the 8th. Besides Christmas itself, there are also the posadas...Christmas parties which run from December 16 through 24 and pastorelas (ribald passion plays!). For those in the area, you'll have to check the local papers to see if some of these fiestas are occurring as well as when and where. By the way, I understand the posada in San Antonio Tlayacapan has a real burro...guess where I'll be this Christmas!

12 | 04 | 2007

You asked for it Laser Eye Surgery

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2007_Newsletters/December_Articles/Eye.jpgQ: Is it possible to have laser eye surgery in the area? - Lindsey, Columbus, OH

A. From Marie: I have had the Laser surgery done on both of my eyes. So, yes, it is definitely available here. I went to a Dr Laura Choza in Guadalajara who is a specialist in this field.

12 | 04 | 2007

A Day of Thanksgiving


We had a very special group on our Focus on Mexico Thanksgiving program (Nov 07). One story that touched our hearts really must be shared. Not shared for the sole purpose of giving recognition to the generous donor (since at first he didn’t even want to be named), but shared (with his permission) to inspire others with the story of his generous donation to help children he has never met.

12 | 02 | 2007

The Tequila Express

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/In_Focus_Newsletter/2007_Newsletters/Nov_2007/Tequila_Express_Article_Pictures/Tequila-logo.jpgThis is a little primer on the drink Tequila as well as our tour to Tequila-ville on the train. I guarantee if you read this article and then go on the Tequila Express, I think you’re going to enjoy it a whole lot more! There are also some great pictures below to illustrate what I’m talking about in the article.

I’ve broken this up into a few different sections, just in case your interest lies more in the tours and less into the whys and the wherefores. Let me hear from you if you liked this article. Bill and I totally enjoyed doing the research required!

11 | 07 | 2007

Green Angels

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2006_Newsletters/November_Articles/GreenAngels.jpgI cannot tell you the number of times I’ve been asked if AAA covers Mexico. Uh…no…it’s the American Automobile Association, you know. Some still look at me blankly, as if it’s really the North American Automobile Association (which, come to think of it, is a great idea!)

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