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07 | 09 | 2014

Calling all Sunbirds

Your choiceAh-h-h summer...I bet it’s one of your favorite times of the year, isn’t it? Temperatures in the 90s for three days in a row, and then it goes over 100 degrees! Humidity you can cut with a knife. Downright muggy! What’s that definition of ‘muggy’ again?
12 | 05 | 2008

Spanish 101 Road Signs

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Road Signs.jpg Just in case some of you are thinking of traveling throughout Mexico during the Christmas holidays, we thought you could use a little help in understanding the road signs you’ll see along the way.
12 | 04 | 2008

Toasts for the New Year

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Toasts-for-the-New-Year.jpgIn  México, New Year’s Eve presents another opportunity for a celebration and like most celebrations in our adopted country, a mass, traditionally held at midnight, is associated with the celebration.
12 | 03 | 2008

Ninos Incapacitados Christmas Donations

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Ninos-Incapacitados-Logo(1).jpgNiños Incapacitados is a Lakeside charity that has been helping local sick and injured children since 1994. Currently we are supporting nearly 200 children.

12 | 03 | 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mother of Mercy of the Mexicans

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Basilica-of-Guadalupe.jpgEvery year on December 12 Mexico celebrates our Lady of Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe), our adored Merciful Mother who protects all the Mexicans and devoted people through out the world.

12 | 02 | 2008

My First Christmas in Mexico

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Feliz-Navidad(1).jpgA woman in Lake Chapala describes her first Navidad in Mexico.
12 | 02 | 2008

Las Posadas in Lake Chapala a Rich Tradition

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/Las-Posadas.jpgThe posadas at Christmas time are a vibrant Mexican tradition that involves the whole neighborhood
12 | 01 | 2008

The Building Inspector

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/The-Building-Inspector.jpgOnce the construction of our house in Los Sabinos was underway, I decided to make a trip to Ajijic in June. At that time, it was recommended that I contact a local building inspector with a good reputation to look at the construction.

12 | 01 | 2008

Antibiotics and the holistic approach to infections

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/holistic-approach-to-infections.jpgAre antibiotics necessary? The answer of course is YES. Nobody today wants to do without these drugs that not only relieve symptoms fast but also save lives. But the answer is not just a simple yes.

11 | 27 | 2008

Can I Afford to Retire Now

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2008_Newsletters/December_Articles/can-I-retire-now.jpgIf you are wishing you could retire, where does that put you? To boil it down simply, there are only a handful of considerations you need to look at, and each one of those can be analyzed. Let's say you have a certain amount of savings and/or a certain amount of income, like Social Security, and you’re trying to decide whether you can retire. Maybe you’ve been to an advisor, paid for a “plan,” done all the analysis you could, and don’t know. Worse, maybe you’re at a point of no choice – you’ve lost your job, your investments have gone down, you really can’t, or can’t stand, working any longer, and you have to retire, but are afraid you won’t “make it.” Read the Article for your choices.
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