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12 | 04 | 2009

I CAN Sell My House

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2009_Newsletters/December_Articles/Sell-my-house.jpg It’s a tough real estate market out there as we all know. As economists and analysts sift through the debris of the housing bust, it seems clear that what we were all calling a “housing boom” was really a “lending boom.” With so much credit available to so many buyers, the competition for properties sent home prices soaring.

12 | 04 | 2009

Five Ways People at Lake Chapala Live Well and Live Longer

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2009_Newsletters/December_Articles/Live-well-longer.jpgA recent study by the University of Pittsburgh confirms what many of us here at Lake Chapala already knew: “Optimists are less likely to suffer heart attacks or die.” In the largest study to date of the effect of positive thinking on health, the researchers looked at the results of more than 97,000 women monitored as part of a long-term study.They found that, compared to pessimists, optimists had a nine per cent lower risk of developing heart disease and a 14 per cent lower risk of dying from any cause, after eight years of follow-up.
12 | 04 | 2009

Alternative Medicine Pain Treatments Part III

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2009_Newsletters/December_Articles/Manage-Pain-III.jpgAs I mentioned in my previous article, the treatment of pain especially of chronic pain requires a holistic approach. In this, I want to focus on the spectrum of lesser known and/or lesser accepted alternative pain treatments.

12 | 04 | 2009

FOCUS Challenge for December 2009

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2009_Newsletters/December_Articles/Hope House Boys Gathered.jpgHOPE HOUSE

is a boy’s orphanage here in Lake Chapala, Mexico. It is run by a Missionary group who do an incredible job: the place is spotless, the boys are healthier and happier than when they came and they are enrolled in school and do woodworking and other jobs so they can have skills for survival when the time comes for them to leave the orphanage. They are the only orphanage in the State of Jalisco that accepts boys after 10 years of age.

12 | 04 | 2009

Motivation to Being Active and Healthy

Active and HealthyAs we bring in the New Year it is often a time to reflect on the past and to look forward to changes we want or need to make. Today, we are all aware that regular stimulation for our minds, physical activity, a well balanced diet, and social contact has an enormous impact on our physical and psychological well being.
12 | 04 | 2009

Travel to tourist spots in Mexico surprisingly calm

Travel in Mexico Editor’s Note: Sue Dresher, Focus Alumni, April 2009, sent us an article that was published in November 1, 2009, Wichita Eagle Beacon Newspaper. Marie sent a reply to her: Thanks for sharing, Sue. We absolutely LOVE to see articles like this that put things in perspective and reveal the real Mexico.

Several weeks ago, when my daughter told me she was traveling with her husband to central Mexico to spend a holiday week there, I experienced a momentary apprehension. The months of news releases about swine flu and border wars between drug gangs all caused me to wonder whether the two of them couldn't have chosen a safer spot for their anniversary celebration.

12 | 04 | 2009

Customs in Mexico for the New Year

New Year Customs 2009We thought we would bring you a few customs to share during the coming New Year’s celebration. We’ve also included a few quick starts on how to keep your resolutions going until 2011, along with a few funny ones to make you laugh out loud or at least give us a big grin.
12 | 04 | 2009

Christmas in Mexico a Culture Shock

Merry Xmas 2009Christmas can be a little bit of a culture shock here in Mexico, because it’s less about getting and more about sharing…more about being with your family or with friends, more than it is about presents like here. And, of course, if you’re from a “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” kind of place, you’re definitely in for a shock here! No snow in Lake Chapala. In this warm, tropical climate, the closest you'll come to frosty is to reminisce on winter wonderlands while sipping an icy Margarita! Definitely my kind of ice!
12 | 04 | 2009

Personal thoughts on a health question

FAQ hdrI would like to get your personal thoughts on a health question. My wife has dementia and is only 58 years old, I just turned 60. Is there care available for a person with dementia? At this time she does not need full time care and I am still working but the time is approaching when I will have to choose between my job and providing care for her. From what I have read we may be able to survive on her pension and social security disability there if I have to leave my job. Here it would be difficult without my income and insurance coverage. But full time care costs more then I make so at some point it will not make sense to continue working. Since either here or in Mexico I will need assistance caring for her eventually I just wanted to be sure that I could get qualified help there at a more reasonable price then here. Complicated I know.
11 | 05 | 2009

Alternative Medicine and Pain Management Part II

/uploadedImages/News_and_Views/Articles/2009_Newsletters/December_Articles/Manage-Pain-III.jpgPain is a long-standing problem of epidemic proportions in our world. Millions are living with pain that affects their participation in daily activities. Chronic pain negatively impacts all aspects of an individual's life including emotional, vocational, financial and social elements Treatments most often prescribed by physicians include pain medicines—narcotic and non-narcotic, physical therapy, and surgery. In spite of advanced technology in medicine, very often there is little help especially for chronic pain sufferers.
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