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07 | 09 | 2014

Calling all Sunbirds

Your choiceAh-h-h summer...I bet it’s one of your favorite times of the year, isn’t it? Temperatures in the 90s for three days in a row, and then it goes over 100 degrees! Humidity you can cut with a knife. Downright muggy! What’s that definition of ‘muggy’ again?
09 | 25 | 2012

About Halloween and Day of the Dead Celebrations

Day of the dead alter 2Mexico’s Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, at first glance sounds the same as Halloween or All Hollows’ Eve in the United States, but in fact, they’re quite different – just as the two cultures who celebrate these holidays have fundamentally different views about death.
09 | 04 | 2012

Payson Couple Lives Part Time In Mexico

Kate Adams from Payson AZMexico, for all the bad press about drug violence, is still a big draw. Payson residents Louis and Kate Adams have a second home there where they live for a good part of each year. The couple made a presentation to members of the Rotary Club of Payson July 25. The Adams’ Mexico home is in one of the many communities on the shores of Lake Chapala near Guadalajara. The lake is the largest in the country and has commercial fishing and some water sports. The climate is temperate and many extras add to the quality of life.

09 | 04 | 2012

How To Quickly Stop Dog Barking

Stop your dog from barkingDog barking is a very common behavior problem that causes serious grief for pet owners. It irritates the neighbors, scares away the postman, leads to neighborhood unrest, and occasionally lawsuits. In this article you will learn why dogs bark and the causes of inappropriate barking. You will find why the debarking surgery is never advised and is considered unethical. I will advise you on what not to do, then you will find the most important solutions to quickly stopping your dog’s barking at home.
09 | 04 | 2012

Understanding the Behavior of Your Pet

Bring your pet to Lake Chapala MexicoIf we love our pets, considering moving without them is not an option for most people. Below are a couple of links to help you with the planning (paperwork, vets, etc.) and a couple of fun articles that might tell you what your cat or dog is thinking!  Decoding Your Dog's BehaviorIs Fido happy, scared, or lonely? Two dog experts divulge the clues to reading canine behavior, and Understanding Your Cat's Behavior: Get a better sense of your complicated (yet cuddly) kitty.

08 | 17 | 2012

Mercado del Mar for a Birthday

Two lobster tailsFor Bill’s birthday, Ana, Phil and I took him to the Fish Market in Guadalajara on a Saturday. We'd all heard about the wonderful fish available there and we'd been looking forward to visiting the market.  The market is actually in Zapopan -- (pronounced "Za-PO-pan"), which is both a large municipal region comprising much of the western edge of metropolitan Guadalajara and the small old town center of Zapopan northwest of the Minerva-Chapultepec area. Zapopan the region comprises several shopping malls (Plaza Patria, Plaza Galerias, La Gran Plaza, among others), the Mercado del Mar (Sea Market) where you can eat fish and seafood for a reasonable price, as well as downtown Zapopan where you can find many bars and cantinas.
08 | 17 | 2012

Treated like Family in Lake Chapala Mexico

Lots of smilesThere are so many things to be positive about. One important one is that I know when you visit (and you’re not acting like a jerk), you will be treated like family. Our friend Sheila mis-read a notice in Spanish on the clubhouse door in her development complex. She thought they were having a community-wide party and looked forward to the evening since she was new and she thought she would be meeting her new neighbors. When she got there, it turned out to be a private party hosted by a Mexican family for their friends. Was Sheila turned away? Heck no…they insisted she come in, join the party and have a good time. She most certainly did.
07 | 31 | 2012

Mexico eager for sporting carnival to begin

Mexican diver Paola EspinosaWhile the United States will be battling China for medal supremacy at the 2012 Olympic Games, Mexico will have more modest ambitions, hoping to improve on its 2008 showing in Beijing of  two golds and one bronze.
05 | 29 | 2012

Breakfasts in Ajijic Lake Chapala

 MomsBill and I don’t eat out a lot. If you’re familiar with our life from reading the blog and our articles, you know Bill is a gourmet cook. We also love our village, our house and our dogs, so we eat dinner in quite a bit. However, when we find we need to run some errands together in Ajijic, we often plan them for the morning and eat breakfast out. We both consider breakfast the ultimate comfort food. Below are some of our favorites, but  we’d like to hear about yours too, so feel free to leave a comment so our readers know the best play to go in Lake Chapala.

05 | 03 | 2012

Pitaya season

Pitaya 2It's now pitaya season. The cactus-type fruit enjoys a six-week harvest during May and June. Most that you'll find in this area are grown in the Jalisco highlands near Guadalajara, and sold in local markets and on the streets.
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