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Foco Tonal Universal Presence Of Cosmic Energy

07 | 31 | 2008

By Tere Ruiz 

 Castle in Foco Tonal 1Foco Tonal is located in the village of Cuitzeo just before you reach Ocotlan.  It is owned by Manuel Dominguez. 

It is said that back in 1998, a man from the region had a bad injury in one of his legs and the diagnosis was that the leg needed to be amputated.  Someone suggested that this man go to visit an alternative healer named José Sebastián Zamora from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, who happened to be in the area.  Miraculously, after visiting Jose, this man could walk normally as if he had never had a problem with his leg.  After this experience, the man told his friend Manuel Dominguez about it, and Manuel was so impressed that he invited Jose to visit his castle. 

When Jose visited Mr. Dominguez, he narrated how he had already seen his place in astral travel (consciousness travel outside of the body) three times, and he described the whole Castle in Foco Tonal 2property before even seeing it.  Jose told him that he had been looking for the location for a long time because this location was an Energy Point, but as he didn’t live in the area, he had not been able to find it. 

Mr. Dominguez was very impressed, but after this encounter, he and Jose didn’t meet again until two years later when Jose explained to him that a very powerful energy point in his property converged. He showed him the exact location and explained to him how the energy that converged in this point is in constant circulation. 

After Jose left, Mr. Dominguez noticed that every person who visited his place would feel very peaceful, but still Mr. Dominguez didn’t know what to do with the information he was given by Jose. However, one day when he was sitting in the supposed energy point, he noticed that something weird happened when he talked; he could hear his own voice like the reverberation that happens when you are speaking in a microphone and using headphones.  When he noticed this, he decided to create Foco Tonal as we know it nowadays. 

Once Jose visited the Foco Tonal, that in a ritual he was told that Saint Germain, an ascended Master, had asked to be the protector of this place.  Six months after he gave all the instructions to Mr. Dominguez, Jose died. 

The construction 

When Mr. Dominguez first met Jose, he had already built a castle in his property.  This castle, although not very big, includes turrets and dragon gargoyles.  After his discovery, he built seven columns of different colors; pink, yellow, green, gold, purple, blue and white, around a circle which contains in its center, the energy point.  

Visiting the Foco Tonal 

Shrine in Foco TonalVisiting Foco Tonal is a very nice and peaceful experience.  Whether you trust or not, or whether you believe that you can get healed or get what you ask for, it is incredible to be able to hear this reverberation. The most interesting thing is that only the person who is standing in this specific point can actually hear it.  Also, if you stand there for some time, you can feel your body start moving in circles like a pendulum. 

When you go, you should take off your shoes, and it is recommended that you dress in white.  The guide directs each person to stand one by one in the center of the point and say their names.  After the people pronounce their names, and they hear the reverberation, they are invited to say:  “God, here I am.”  Then, each person silently makes a request and then everyone prays together.  After that, you can touch or even embrace each one of the columns to get infused by the energy of each color, and then you walk backwards out of the area.  Many people claim that they have not only received miraculous healing, but also things they have asked for. 

It is very easy to get to Foco Tonal:  from Chapala, drive through the highway as if you were going to Guadalajara. Take the Ocotlan turn and drive about 40 minutes. When you are almost to Ocotlán, and just past the Celanesse golf course, turn right at the sign for Cuitzeo.  At the fork, bear right and then go straight through Cuitzeo on a bumpy, narrow street until you reach an intersection. Turn right and a short distance outside of the village, look for a green sign directing you to turn left towards Foco Tonal. 

The cost for the visit to Foco Tonal is $10.00 pesos and it is open from 9 AM to 6 PM every single day of the year.  They have a little shop where you can buy quartz stones to be charged in the Energy Point, and you can also find other spiritually oriented products.  Some people also bring bottles of water to be charged at the energy point and then take them back home to drink the energized water or give it to their sick relatives of friends. 

There is also a very interesting garden in Foco Tonal which is claimed to be the garden where the dwarfs live.  People usually leave candy in this garden and there are toys for the dwarfs to play with.  It is very interesting to notice that there are some swings hanging from the trees branches and to find out that these swings move in circles or back and forth and even stop moving.  You might think that they move because of the wind, but the truth is that the movement they have has nothing to do with how the wind blows. Now you know… 

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