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Back in 1995, a couple of “Mex-pats” arrived in Lake Chapala to check it out.  It didn’t take long to discover “The Magic of the Lakeside” and the decision was made.  Mexico was for us! 

Hello, from Ray Bullock and Marie Dwyer-Bullock

Ray and MarieWith backgrounds in Business and Marketing, we immediately got involved in marketing a local condominium project. 

The local market at that time was at best “luke warm” so a plan was developed to do a series of presentations to talk to people about life in Lake Chapala, Mexico and to offer an opportunity to check it out. 

The plan was a huge success and the project sold out in a little over two years and we “retired”. This was destined not to last and, a scant seven months later, Focus on Mexico was founded. 


The rational was simple:

  • We loved doing the presentations and talking to people about Mexico and the Lakeside and how it made such a difference in our lives.
  • We loved showing the groups around our “pocket of paradise”, answering their questions, watching as friendships developed and for some, the realization that they too had discovered the Magic of the Lakeside.
  • There are many people out there looking for their special place and, with our help, may just find it in Mexico.

We knew from the previous two years that a lot of people were interested in Mexico. We knew from the presentations we did and from the questions we were asked on our programs that there was a lack of information on what it is really like to live in Mexico. We knew that, through our programs, some people found that special place for "the best of their lives".

So why not develop a comprehensive program, designed to provide the information and experience necessary to make a fully informed decision on whether Mexico is that special place. With that decision made, we spent many hours designing the program and “Focus” was launched in July 1999.

We had no idea how successful the program would be.  Let us just say that, since that time, we have had the pleasure of hosting many hundreds of people; we have watched as many friendships have flourished and many times we have received the ultimate in gratification when someone says to us: “We have found our special place and Focus made it possible.”

Though the programs were a tremendous success we knew we could do more. There was something missing.

As we said, we loved doing the presentations. The problem was that we were very limited in the amount of presentations we could do and the locations we could visit.  Many people were missing out on the opportunity our programs offered. We had to fill that void.

When we first started in 1995, the internet was in it's infancy as far as researching information was concerned. The past ten years have seen tremendous advances in this medium and today, most people surf the web when they are looking for information. There was our answer.

That is why we  spent over a year researching and developing this web site.  It is our sincere hope that we can reach out to many more people who, one day, may find their special place in Lake Chapala, Mexico and Focus on Mexico can make that possible.

Ross Cheney 

"After two previous trips to Ajijic to get an education about investing in Mexico, finally your program provided me with the necessary information.  Couldn't be better.  Excellent program from beginning to end." 


 Ron Graham and Andre Charlebois 

"...our congratulations on a job well done.  The whole concept behind Focus on Mexico is nothing short of brilliant.  You're in the right place, at the right time, and certainly doing the right thing." 


Jack Prince 

"All aspects of the entire stay exceeded my expectations." 

Read "Testimonials" to hear more from Focus participants.

P.S.  We have tried to make this site as informative as possible.  We have also tried to make it easy to navigate and easy to read on all types of computers and browsers.  If you experience any difficulty or have suggestions for improvement, please e-mail us at 

We hope you enjoy reading through our site, as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Focus on Mexico, APDO 1179, Chapala 45900, Jalisco, Mexico



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