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  • We respect your Privacy

    Focus respects your privacy. Your email address and contact information will never be shared with a third party without your consent. Note: If you change your email address, please notify us immediately at

    To Contact Focus

    Calling from the U.S. dial: 1-210-745-1404
    Calling from Canada, dial: 1-416-619-9310

  • Payment Information


    Booking a RoomAlthough accommodation is not included in the price of the Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program, we have negotiated with the Real de Chapala hotel ( to offer our preferred Focus room rate of $1200 pesos, which will include a full breakfast. (Depending on the exchange rate, it could be $90 US to $95 a night for one or two people.) This is most convenient since the seminars will be held at the hotel. The booking function on the hotel website is currently not functioning, so for your convenience we have created a Hotel Booking Form that goes directing to the hotel. Or you can call the hotel directly to book your room. Phone: 011-52-376-766-0014  Contact Person: Luz Elena Urciaga Herrera at: Once you submit the Hotel Booking Form, you will need to call to give your credit card details.

    We can also provide you with our list of recommended B & B’s or for longer stays, recommended Property Managers. To request, email   


    Booking a FlightTo check out flights and best routes, we suggest going to Just put in the airport closest to you and "GDL" (for Guadalajara) for your destination and it will give you a list of all flights, the prices and routes for you to choose from.

    The program commences on Sunday evening at 5 p.m. with registration followed by a Cocktail Party. If possible, you may wish to arrive on the Saturday which will allow you to acclimatize before the program starts and also to partake in the optional A-La-Carte outing to Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque on Sunday. We also suggest extending your stay a couple of days past the program dates ending on Friday afternoon. This will allow you to explore on your own, once you have had the benefit of the program and all the information under your belt.

    A-La-Carte Concierge Services

    A La Carte FocusWith the introduction of our Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning programs, we now offer optional A-La-Carte Concierge services so you can customize the program to meet your requirements and budget. To view the additional Excursion Options click here to the Description of A-La-Carte choices.

    Payment for a Focus Program 

    Payment Process

    When you book on the Focus Fast-Track-to-Learning program you will receive an invoice for the deposit of $100 USD per person. This amount will be payable within thirty (30) days from receipt of the invoice.  The balance will be invoiced ninety (90) days before your program date and again you will have thirty (30) days in which to pay. (Note: If you choose any A-la-Carte services we will send a separate invoice to you at the same time you pay the balance for the program.)

    Pay using PayPal

    To facilitate payment, we use PayPal which is a secure International Payment Processing Company owned by e-bay. This is a very simple procedure if you have a PayPal account. If you do not have an account, you may wish to log on to and check out the benefits of setting up an account. (Note: You can also pay via PayPal, using your credit card. You do not need a PayPal account in this case.)

    When you set up a PayPal account, it will have a limit to the amount you can pay which varies by Country with the U.S. having the highest limit. You can remove this limit by verifying the account (PayPal will provide details when you set up your account) which provides you with the ability to buy things online and pay by credit card through their secure payment system (very convenient). Every time you make a payment PayPal will provide confirmation of the amount paid. 

    Note: PayPal charges a fee for processing. Focus on Mexico absorbs this cost so no charge to you when you are coming on the program. If you book on the program and cancel and are eligible for a refund under our Cancellation Policy, and we get charged a processing fee by PayPal, then we will refund your deposit less the processing fee that was withheld by PayPal.

    If for any reason you would prefer not to use the PayPal system, we offer an 'Alternative Payment' method.

    Alternate Payment Method

    If for some reason, you prefer not to use PayPal for payment, this is no problem at all. Instead, you can pay by sending a wire transfer to our bank account in San Antonio, Texas, or if Canadian, to our bank account in Alberta, Canada.

    If you prefer to use this method, simply make your booking and in the comments box at the bottom indicate your preference to use the wire transfer method of payment. We will then contact you and provide the necessary information to facilitate the wire transfer.

    If for some reason you need to cancel, click on the Cancellation TAB for instructions.

    To contact us:

    ·       Email  

    ·       Phone From the U.S. 1-210-745-1404

    ·       Phone From Canada. 1-416-619-9310

    We look forward to seeing you on a program; you will have a wonderful and exciting experience.


    Cancellation of Focus Program 


    Standard Cancellation Policy

    If reservation is cancelled up to 60 days before your program date, you will receive a full refund (minus any processing fee that was held back by PayPal for their services).

    If reservation is called up to 30 days before your program date, you will receive a 50% refund (minus any processing fee that was held back by PayPal for their services). (Note: If you re-book on a Focus program within twelve (12) months of cancelling, you will receive a full credit of any forfeited amount due to cancelling, towards your new booking.)

    Note: Should you need to cancel your program registration, please contact us immediately to discuss. We are here to assist you.

    Cancellation Instructions

    If you do need to cancel your Focus on Mexico Program booking, follow these procedures:

    Send an email to and provide the following details:

    • Focus Program date
    • Name(s) of people booked
    • Payment method used to book
    • Amount paid
    • Email address and phone number

    We will verify the details and then contact you to confirm the amount and the method of issuing the refund, depending on your payment method and time of cancellation. If within the time frames above, we will process the appropriate refund and send you a confirmation email with details. Our commitment is to process the cancellation as expeditiously as possible and to return your funds to you by the fastest method available. (Note: We can only refund through PayPal up to 60 days after payment received. After that we would send you a check in the mail. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks to receive.)



    Changing Program Dates 

     Changing Program Dates

    Should something come up and you need to change your program date, there is no penalty and you receive the full credit towards the new program date.

    Just contact us with the desired new program date you wish to change you, and we will be happy to assist.