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Ajijic Mexico

  • A View of Ajijic St Andrews Church

    These pictures will give you a flavor of Ajijic. Some pictures courtesy of Steven Miller (photographer).

  • Ajijic-Bugambilias-Shopping-Mall
  • Ajijic-Door-To-The-Lake-Street
  • Ajijic-Fruits-And-Vegetables
  • Ajijic-Mi-Mexico-A-Favorite
  • Ajijic-Painted-Galeria
  • Ajijic-Painted-Shop
  • Ajijic-Plaza-The-Old-Church
  • Ajijic-Restaurant
  • Ajijic-Salvadors-Restaurant
  • Ajijic-Shopping
  • Ajijic-Shops-Galore
  • Ajijic-Street-In-Ajijic
  • Ajijic-Toms-Bar-Street
  • Ana-Rosa-Shop-In-Ajijic
  • Balloon-Man
  • Boats-In-Lake-Chapala
  • El-Torito-Shopping-Center
  • Gift-Shop-Painted-Building
  • Inside-Bumgambilias-Mall
  • Jewelry-Store-Painted-Shop
  • The-Gym-In-Ajijic
Ajijic Mexico Number 1
Mount Garcia Ajijic Jalisco Mexico
Top Expat Community Pick #1: Ajijic, Mexico. Ajijic and the area around Lake Chapala, Mexico, hosts the most organized, developed expat community in the world. The Lake Chapala Society reports about 4,000 American and Canadian residents in Lake Chapala proper.
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